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I want to buy btc so i could deposit money into sportsbetting sites that accept btc. Im from usa but i also go to other country b/c i play online poker. I was told buy btc from coinbase... its 1 percent fee for buying and selling. I read you cant send from coinbase to gambling site b/c i read coinbase close lot of gambling accts. I want to deposit it into 5dimes/heritage sports... these are sites that accept btc and payout in btc.
I wanted to buy 5-10k worth of btc to deposit it into those sites. Basically they would convert the btc to usd. Reason i want this is b/c in the usa... very hard to deposit bigger amounts into gambling sites so i saw btc as great way to do this. I then read that one should buy btc on coinbase from bank acct, then send the btc to blockchain... then send to 5dimes/heritage. And if i want to withdraw btc from 5dimes/heritage, have them send the btc to blockchain then i send to coinbase then sell it for 1 percent fee and get ach deposit into my bank of america. Firstt off, thats how it would work right to buy/sell bitcoin? I read only use coinbase b/c its the most simple site to use.
I then was told its better to send btc from coinbase to a desktop client. I then read about multibit, armory etc. I speak with few ppl who said do multibit b/c its very simple. However, i read lot of accts still get hacked. I read lot of coinbase, blockchain, mulitbet get hacked and b/c im not computer savy, that is big risk as i read ppl with 2FA still get hacked. Few ppl then told me to do paper wallet and then it would be safe. I then read about it and it seem complicated. I read ppl say put it in safe place like safety deposit box in bank. But if u do that, how do u do transactions then on the computer if the paper wallet is in safety deposit box... or u dont need it?
The thing is i would be mostly out of the usa as i play online poker. So would i even suppose to bring the paper wallet with me or leave it in the usa bank deposit box? Also i read if u lose the paper wallet, u lose all the btc? If true, then i woudnt want to carry btc with me anywhere at all.
I then read about trezor and ledgerwallet. Would you recommend me to get trezor since im a big newbie with computer tech? It does seem expensive though at 120 dollars? Ledgerwallet seem cheaper at 36 dollars or so but it seems more compliocated than trezor? It seems like with trezor, i dont have to worry about anything at all such as no dekstop client, paper wallet and think about anything right? And i read even if u lose it.... then u dont lose your btc.
Lot of ppl make it seem like its easy to keep btc safe but i read lot of ppl get accts hacked whether coinbase, blockchain or desktop client. So would u say best to get trezor? I would want to probably have like 5k plus worth of btc. Also... does that mean its best to keep all the btc in trezor and whenever i want to sell it, then send it asap to coinbase then asap click sell so the btc never stays in coinbase for more than a few minutes? Obviously the other btc site i would make sure they are safe whether its like nitrogensports or a site like 5dimes/heritage which already converted btc when i sent it to them.
I been wanting to use btc for very long time but last thing i want is to have 10k worth of btc, then i find out acct gets hacked. And if ppl who are computer savy get hacked, im sure i would get hacked as i didnt even know much about 2FA as even relating to email until recently. Thank you.
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In many ways bitcoin heralds a return to the golden age of online sports betting, which is why so many people love it. Most of the major sportsbooks now accept bitcoin, as it is the world’s ... Bitcoin Wallet – Signing Up For Bitcoin Wallet Online. Okay, so you’re halfway there. You have purchased your bitcoins, but before we move any further on Coinbase, we need to create a free wallet account on Bitcoin wallets are available in a number of forms, including software stored on the hard drive of a computer and offline or “cold” wallets. Step #1 -Sign up To For ... Heritage Sports Bitcoin Payout About 2 years ago I made a deposit on heritage and made a payout request and was very surprised and pleased at the speed of the payout. Since then I’ve only used ... Wooohooooooo Just deposited $2k with bitcoin. Sent the coins from my wallet and then was credited a few minutes later. This brings me back to my neteller days.… Sent the coins from my wallet and then was credited a few minutes later. In the Heritage cashier you'll see many depositing and payout options that each make real money e-sports betting at Heritage so simple. Many players use Visa and MasterCard while some prefer the e-wallet options and more players are now switching to bitcoin, an option that provides instant e-sports deposits and fast cashouts. Should you need help with deposits, payouts or general e-sports ...

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