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Bitcoin symbol font?

Can anybody identify the Bitcoin "B" symbol font? Looks to me like some sort of serif typeface. Any help would be appreciated.
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Asking about copyright of these symbols, phrases, fonts etc. /r/legaladvice

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BTC Symbol added to Droid and Console fonts /r/Bitcoin

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Petition to get the "Unicode Consotrium" to get Bitcoin/₿ added as an emoji(they decide apple and android emojis)

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Top Web Development Trends For Business Growth In 2020

In order to interact and ensure higher sales, most companies choose to remain up-to-date with the most recent trends within the web domain. These website development trends provide a chance to achieve a wider audience pool for increased business outreach, and better generation of sales of products & services.
There are some exciting new website development trends which will be at the forefront of the 2020s. How will the 2020s be for the general look and feel of websites? What technologies and platforms will rule over the online dev scene now and within the next decade? These major trends are running supreme and can still grasp the worldwide Website Development industry.
Let’s explore website development trends that are prevalent now and can remain a priority within the future years explained by website agency in USA.
Alerts started as a simple way for a call to action from website viewer. However, now push notifications are a really popular trend which majority of web site follow.
Have you ever noticed a symbol on top of most of the webpages that prompt you for sending notifications? Well, that's an example of a push notification. These push notifications are often integrated through plug-ins or by employing a dedicated push notification platform.
  1. Typography as font matters
Remember in class when handwriting mattered and the way you wrote on a paper had tons to try to to together with your overall impression on the teacher?
Well, somehow within the 2020s we are coming to it same thing but during a different way. the web is generally about giving information to people either through written or visual content. Because the text may be a major source of online content, the way it appears on your website may be a matter of utmost importance. Hence, typography is of high relevance in website development where there's an emergence of latest fonts to assist your content look sharper to its audience. This ultimately ensures a far better user experience.
  1. Chatbots becoming necessity
Many eCommerce businesses are incorporating chatbots on their websites. the rationale is that it helps in customer engagement with higher chances of selling the products.
As AI and Machine Learning concepts are integrated into the event of chat-bots; the interaction with the purchasers goes to be more human-like and relevant.
  1. Single-page applications picking momentum
Based on JavaScript, Single-page applications (SPAs) work alright among user devices. except for high performance, it also minimizes interruptions caused by page reloading.
Single-page applications are a wonderful choice for building responsive websites that support mobile, tablet, and desktop applications. The 2020s are going to be the last decade when single-page applications again become very fashionable with React and Angular frameworks as these two platforms are very appropriate for creating hybrid or cross-platform apps.
  1. PWAs are the requirement of the day
Following the footsteps of 2019, Progressive web apps (PWAs) also will stay within the limelight during the 2020s and beyond. the bulk of all browsers support the trendy web features that PWAs require. this suggests that companies can start to supply a smoother, app-like experience through the mobile web. PWAs also will still remain a well-liked choice for mobile app development.
  1. Interactive web design through motion UI
Because of its high usability, state-of-the-art animation and dynamic graphics; Motion UI are going to be a number one web development trend for the 2020s. Motion UI helps developers within the art of storytelling by employing a wide selection of tools and techniques. Being a sustainable library, Motion UI provides seamless transition effects on the interface . Developers can employ Motion UI techniques without having very solid expertise in JS or jQuery library. this is often one among the explanations it's extremely popular and can still trend for the upcoming decade.
  1. Longreads offers better readability
Representing the text, animations, pictures, and icons; Longreads helps in telling an entire story in simple words. The user can scroll to the page and even cling on to the main information points through it.
Longreads is right for giant chunks of content, because it helps the users in better readability and understanding.
  1. Creating webpages through modules
Website developer in USA recommends to making webpages is not any longer restricted to the developer community, because of the concept of content management systems, sites can now be created through modules.
You can select a module of your choice and drop it into your website. The 2020s will see Gutenberg becoming a well-liked module, especially for WordPress users. The concept of drag and drop will become a traditional action for creating webpages.
  1. Blockchain goes mainstream
One of the most important website development trends now and within the future goes to be Blockchain. It enables supply chain auditing; provides automatic protection of important intellectual properties, smart contracts, and failure-free decentralized file storage.
Need we are saying more?
Web developer in California suggest in the coming years, Blockchain are going to be opening doors for p2p commerce and crowd-funding. Gone are the times when Blockchain was only for the Bitcoin and other digital currencies. This decade it'll gain more traction for its upcoming features especially security.
  1. User behavior tracking
With the constant emphasis on data collection and analysis, the concept of tracking user behavior has also caught the eye of the tech community. there's an entire science associated with how consumers act, think and make a choice on the websites. How users are engaged before making a sale features a lot to try to to with their thought process and what's provided to them at that point. as an example, consumers could also be given a reduction on the item, as long as they subscribe a newsletter.
Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) tools have tremendously helped businesses from guesswork and allowing actual statistics on what works for increasing customer flow also as overall sales on the web site.
By tracking user behavior, you've got a far better chance of knowing about how users are working on your website and therefore the potential means on what brought them here. for instance, a call to action, or by reading a blog, taking a quiz, etc. are a number of the ways a user can happen to land on your website.
Many free and paid tools for user behavior tracking are beneficial in web development and analysis. Google Analytics is the first choice for the bulk of companies for tracking user behavior.
Web development is both an art and a science. If done correctly, it can catapult a business to new heights and even establish an upcoming business as a household name.
However, it's important to interact the correct blend of resources and techniques for fulfillment. Create cost-effective and workable solutions to expand business by outsourcing website projects.
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Bitcoin sign was just accepted for Unicode

The Unicode committee has just accepted the Bitcoin sign to be included in a future version of the Unicode standard (and announced it on Twitter). Thanks everyone who helped me with the proposal and made this happen.
Edit: here's the symbol: ₿ - check back in a year or so when the symbol makes its way into fonts, and you should see more than a box.
Edit: This Bitcoin symbol - the double-barred B, which is different from the Thai baht ฿.
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mac has the new bitcoin Unicode character already!

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Bitcoin Sign Finally Approved In Unicode (November 15th). Publication Expected Mid-2017

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Help me get the Bitcoin symbol added to Unicode

Adding the Bitcoin symbol to Unicode would be a good thing, and I'd like your help. Specifically, what I need are examples of the Bitcoin symbol used in "running text". That is, the Bitcoin symbol used as a character in text, not as a logo, picture, or icon. Online examples are good, but usage in a book, newspaper, or other publication would be even better.
I've successfully proposed a symbol for addition to Unicode before, so I know the process. Finding substantial examples in running text is a key component for a successful proposal.
If you have examples of the Bitcoin symbol in running text, please let me know. I've found a few examples, including posts on and conference papers, but I need more.
Notes: I'm talking about the standard stroked-B Bitcoin symbol; see the /bitcoin logo. I'm aware of the ฿ and Ƀ symbol alternatives; it would still be good to get the stroked-B symbol in Uncode. Also, emoji in Unicode have very different rules; I don't think a Bitcoin emoji would be useful.
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TIL: macOS sierra and iOs10 support the unicode symbol of bitcoin ₿

Despite the symbol is not included in the Unicode standard yet, Apple already supports it :)
It's U+20BF and is being included in Unicode in 2017 or 2018 thanks to Ken Shirriff.
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Proposal to add the Bitcoin symbol to Unicode [pdf]

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Why does Segwit have a logo?
When you think about it, Segwit is just an improvement proposal to the Bitcoin protocol. Since when do proposals have logos? Having a logo makes it seem like something that is being marketed. Thoughts?
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Unicode 10.0 released

Unicode 10.0 released submitted by sunny256 to technology [link] [comments]

Unicode Standard will add support for the Bitcoin sign with their next update

Unicode Standard will add support for the Bitcoin sign with their next update submitted by vlarocca to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Not yet

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BTC Symbol added to Droid and Console fonts

I added the new U+20BF ₿ symbol to the Droid Sans and Console fonts, including adapting it to each font's particular style.
You can get them from (updated once 2015-11-04 at 04:03 UTC)
NOTE: Apparently Windows has vulnerabilities fonts can exploit. Be sure to only install fonts you trust! (mine now have PGP signatures in SHA256SUMS.asc)
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If the iPhone added the Bitcoin symbol to their keyboard...

I bet it would convince numerous people of its "legitimacy" even though it's only a little character on a keyboard. I think a lot of people are convinced slowly by one little acceptance, then another, and then another. But all of these tiny acceptances eventually add up in their minds to their own personal acceptance of its legitimacy. Just a thought as I was typing on my iPhone.
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Why not Ƀ instead of ฿?

฿ is already used for a currency (Thai Bhat), it looks like someone just tried to make a B like dollar, is boring and stale.
Ƀ in the other hand is a unused unicode character, and horizontal dashes represent movement and speed, both things a good currency needs. Many currencies like £, € and ¥ use horizontal dashes, so it still looks like a currency. Ƀ looks like a B going forward at high speeds!
I came across this project proposing an alternate bitcoin identity and while I sincerely dislike that particular choice of font, I really believe the symbol is a much better representation.
No one needs to vote, no consensus is needed and both symbols can be used at the same time, I doubt anyone would get confused. But from now on every project I do with bitcoins on it will include the B with an horizontal dash on it, and I was hoping you did too..
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"How to Write and Format an Article for Ledger"--feedback wanted. [Plus earn $10 in bitcoin per typo found in manuscript]

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Litecoin/Bitcoin, as we have Master card/Visa card

Litecoin/Bitcoin, as we have Master card/Visa card submitted by cryptog to litecoin [link] [comments]

I propose ₷ or the "Spesmilo" as the satoshi unit symbol
-S symbol with an m looking part representing money
-already in fonts everywhere
-easy to write
-used as a decimal currency in the past
-as Manticlops mentions looks like a black swan and bitcoin just might be one
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Bitcoin Earn Kaise Kare Bina kisi Investment ke Hindi Sirf Ek Click Pe Earning Start CoinJet  Bitcoin & Crypto Currency HTML Template  Themeforest Website Templates and Themes How to buy bitcoins for beginners 2017 - YouTube 4/11/14 - China, Mt. Gox buyout, Gyft Cloud, BIT, new bitcoin symbol TapLab - YouTube

Ubuntu Bold Italic by Canonical Ltd is a font based on the Bitcoin logo. It is a free font. It includes 8 variations. Bitcoin (₿) is a cryptocurrency, a form of electronic cash. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user-to-user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries. Transactions are ... Bitcoin, however, is a decentralized currency – it’s neither a brand nor a product or company, and what we need for representing Bitcoin is a symbol rather than a logo. Examples of Unicode Character U+0243 in different typefaces. The Ƀ symbol can be displayed in many fonts, some of which may already be installed on your computer. Here is a ... Das Bitcoin-Symbol kann wie im ersten Satz dieser Seite als Bild eingefügt werden. Der Vorteil dieser Methode ist, dass jeder Client, der Bilder mit Text anzeigen kann, das Symbol anzeigen kann. Der Nachteil dieser Methode ist, dass sie sich als Bild nicht immer so gut wie eine Schrift verschlechtert. Bei der Verwendung von Rasterbildern kann das Skalieren des Bilds nach oben / unten (an ... Font. As few fonts include the Bitcoin symbol, a special font was created by Theymos, originally for the BitcoinTalk forum. The font consists of only the Bitcoin symbol (₿) used in the glyph for the capital letter B. The text "BTC" can be entered and styled with this font, causing it to be replaced entirely with just the symbol on those systems that support this font, while on other systems ... Font Awesome 5 Released! More Icons Get 1535 icons right now with FA Free, plus another 7020 icons with Pro, which also gets you another 53 icon category packs as we finish them!

[index] [44947] [8687] [35981] [41515] [51435] [7932] [12742] [8461] [15548] [33538]

Bitcoin Earn Kaise Kare Bina kisi Investment ke Hindi Sirf Ek Click Pe Earning Start

Register Via: Say Hie on WhatsApp: +27732716360 bitcoin bitcoin price bitcoin value bitcoin to usd bitcoin c... CoinJet Bitcoin & Crypto Currency HTML Template Welcome to CoinJet Bitcoin & Crypto Currency HTML Template. CoinJet is our new HTML Template created for bitcoin mining websites, crypto ... bitcoin bitcoin how to buy what bitcoin mining what bitcoin bitcoin how to mine bitcoin price bitcoin to usd bitcoin to inr bitcoin price chart bitcoin value... The new symbol is already an existing Unicode character, which would make it easier to use in different fonts and formats. Several bitcoin companies have already adopted the new symbol, including ... bitcoin business plan bitcoin b font bitcoin miner.b bitcoin b symbol mel b bitcoin buy bitcoin capital b bitcoin b-eleven bitcoin plan b bitcoin b-wallet bitcoin b&h bitcoin bitcoin cash bitcoin ...