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[Table] IAmA dark web expert, investigative journalist and true crime author. I’ve met dark web kingpins in far flung prisons and delved the murky depths of child predator forums. I’ve written six books and over a dozen Casefile podcast episodes. AMA (part 2/2)

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Around here nobody talks about the argument that increased regulation of the internet would help stop child predators. Is that true, and if so where do you fall on the Net Neutrality vs law enforcement spectrum? No I don't think that's true at all. Child predators have been around much longer than the internet, and I would argue child abuse was more prevalent 50+ years ago when children were seen and not heard and it wasn't talked about. The dark web hasn't created more predators, it has just given them a new place to gather and hang out.
The one thing I found really interesting when I was lurking the forums of the child predators was their frustration about how children are now taught from a very young age that certain touching and acts are wrong and that they shouldn't keep certain secrets. It came up over and over again that they could not abuse certain children because they knew those children had someone they would tell. It was pretty clear that education was a child's best defence against getting abused.
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That's so interesting, thanks for the AMA! Can you remember any other thing that a child could do in order to protect himself from being abused? What other characteristics do the abusers hate in potential victims? That seems to be the main one. Kids who speak up and who have close relationships with one or more people they are likely to confide in
What do folks talk about in the child predator forums? Do they like give each other advice on how to improve their craft? Yes, quite literally. The give each other tips on how not to get caught, how to edit out incriminating details in videos, how to drug children, techniques for convincing kids not to tell etc
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Given your insight into how predators operate, do you have any advice for parents on protecting their kids? I'll cut'n'paste a response i gave to someone else about this, because it was something that really stuck out to me:
The one thing I found really interesting when I was lurking the forums of the child predators was their frustration about how children are now taught from a very young age that certain touching and acts are wrong and that they shouldn't keep certain secrets. It came up over and over again that they could not abuse certain children because they knew those children had someone they would tell. It was pretty clear that education was a child's best defence against getting abused. Kids who speak up and who have close relationships with one or more people they are likely to confide in
Has the exponential increase in Bitcoin value affected darknet dealers in any profound way? I can imagine that some drug dealers were sitting on quite a large sum of Bitcoin when the value shot up. Crypto purists hate to admit it, but bitcoin would not be where it is today without Silk Road. It was sitting at less than a dollar when Silk Road began and the markets showed a robust use case for cryptocurrency and as the markets grew, so did the demand for bitcoin. It also provided real-life use data for those who were not interested in drugs but who weren't sure if it had practical application. When SR went down, Bitcoin was at about $650 and it continued to grow as adoption became more mainstream. There are many many stories of drug dealers (and at least one faux-hitman!) who gained most of their wealth not by selling the drugs, but by the growth in value of their bitcoin holdings
Since you have a lot of experience with them online. Do you think pedophiles(not child abusers) should be treated as criminals, or as people suffering from a mental illness? Contact offenders should be treated as criminals, because they are criminals. They have abused or hurt someone. Same with those who support the creation and dissemination of child abuse materials.
Pedophiles who do not act on their urges should be given as much help as humanly possible.
Are there any mysterious or suspicious pages or communities that you haven’t been able to access? Anything that seems especially weird? there are a lot of Russian communities that I can't access, mostly because I don't speak Russian. Some of the more technical hacking communities have entry barriers that I'm not technical enough to score an invite to
How much these bad people really exist out there? Hundreds? Thousands? More? It depends what you mean by bad. If you mean people who use the dark web to buy drugs (who I do not consider bad) then there are many many thousands. There are also thousands of people who deal in stolen information to make money.
Unfortunately there are also thousands of child predators and the dark web has provided a "safe space" for them to come together to share materials and "tips". I hope this is where most of the resources of law enforcement are concentrated
Ehy mine is a rare question: what do you know about art on dark web? I'm talking about the black market made of stolen important pieces from museums, art used as value to money laundry and other criminal affairs I'm an artist and what I know is people don't think too much about the dark side of art and probably they need to open their eyes about I really haven't come across much in the way of that. Some of the markets have an "art" section, but that is mostly blotter art
How accurate are the legends? Any legends in particular? For a lowdown copied from a post I made in another forum:
1Red Rooms  The one that is most persistent is the myth of the "Red Room" - live streaming of torture/rape that ends in the murder of the victim and which people can pay to watch, or even bid to type in commands for the torturer to carry out (highest bid wins!). The most famous was the “ISIS Red Room” pictured above, where people could provide instructions to torture captured terrorists - you can read what happened here.
People have this idea of Hostel with webcams exist all over the dark web, but you just need an invite to get into them. It's ridiculous. They don't exist. They certainly wouldn't exist on Tor. But people are desperate to believe and they always come back with "You can't prove they don't exist, people are crazy, therefore they must exist." Picture my eyes rolling here.
2.Hitman sites
I don't think many people are taken in by the hitmen sites anymore, though the press loves playing up the fact that there are sites offering up hitman services. But every single one of them has turned out to be a scam, especially Besa Mafia, the one that did the most marketing. Again, you can read about it at the same link as above.
3.Exotic animals  People are always asking where they can find markets for exotic animals. Obviously the illegal trade in exotic animals exists, and some communications and transactions may well take place over Tor, but there are no markets like the drug markets where you can go and look at a picture and then put a tiger or ocelot or something into your basket and buy it with bitcoin.
1.People buy and sell drugs.
The drug markets are more busy than ever. You have probably heard of Silk Road, the most famous online drug market that got busted a few years ago and the owner sent to prison for two consecutive life terms? A lot of people thought that was the end of drugs being sold on the dark web. In fact, dark web sales of drugs have tripled since the shutdown of Silk Road.
The reason people buy drugs this way is that for many they offer a safer alternative for people who are going to do drugs anyway. There is no possibility of any violence. The vast majority of the time a buyer knows exactly what they are getting, because of the feedback and rating system. That's not the case in a nightclub, or even friends-of-friends, where you just blindly accept that the pill, powder or tab is what the seller says it is.
2.People buy and sell other illegal things
Mostly they buy and sell stolen credit cards and financial information, fake IDs (though lots of these are scams), personal information, “dumps” of hacked data and fraud-related items. For a long time, a seller was making a fortune selling fake discount coupons that really worked.
3.People access and create childporn  Unlike the other markets, the CP market is generally not for money, but rather they are groups who swap vile images and videos for free. The worst of the worst is called “hurtcore’. Thankfully, most of the people behind the worst sites have been arrested and put in jail.
4.People talk about stuff
There are plenty of sites, forums and chatrooms where people talk about all sorts of things - conspiracies, aliens, weird stuff. They take advantage of the anonymity.
5.People anonymously release information
Whistleblowers use the dark web to release information and make sure their identities won't be compromised. You will find Wikileaks, for example, on the dark web.
6.People surf the web anonymously
The number 1 thing people use the dark web for is just to surf the web completely anonymously. Not everybody wants to be tracked by advertisers.
I have a question: what are the odds of the casual Darkweb drug buyer - not buying mega loads all the time - the occasional purchase - what are the risks of being busted? Kinda figuring pretty low. But you’re the expert. What do you think? Obviously there is always a risk, but the risk is very low. It is rare for personal amounts to be seized. Even if a package is seized, there's usually no resources to follow it up. Many people report simply receiving a letter from Customs saying they have seized what they believe is contraband and the person has a choice of going to claim it or it will be destroyed. Even if LE does knock on the door there is plausible deniability: "I don't know who sent that stuff to me".
So yeah, rare, but it does happen. You might be the unlucky one
How do you find things on the dark web without search engines? There are a lot of entry sites, set up with links to the most popular places. You can generally get a link to one of them by browsing places like reddit. From there it is a matter of checking out different places, people will put links in forums etc.
I also use a Pastebin where people paste sites they have made/found, and a Fresh Onion site, which crawls all the newly-populated .onion addresses
Hi. there!! Thank you for answering questions. Mine is very simple. How do sellers get the drugs to people? Regular mail? That's always puzzled me bc I'd assume USPS, UPS, fedEx or any other mail carrier would catch at least some goods. If people are ordering drugs, particularly in powder form, for personal use, they can be flattened, sealed in MBB (moisture barrier baggies) and sent in a regular business envelope, indistinguishable from billions of other envelopes going through the postal system every day. The chances of a particular package being intercepted is very low.
Some people take the extra precaution of having the person taking delivery of the drugs different to the person/household that is ordering them.
How did you move from being a corporate lawyer to researching and writing about dark web? I was in London, working for one of the most conservative law firms in the world when the Global Financial Crisis hit. I liked the job but it struck me when people were losing their livelihoods that I was working for the bad guys. I'd always wanted to be a writer so when I came back to Australia I quit law and enrolled in a writing course planning to be a novelist, but I discovered I was better at journalism. I first wrote for newspapers here about Silk Road and it grew from there
I've always wanted to check out the dark web, what is a normal day for you look like on there? Can you give me any tips on how to safely surf the dark web? A normal day looks like me sitting at my desk writing things on my computer. When I'm researching a book or a case I venture away from my computer to trials and to interview people (at least I did pre-COVID)
There is nothing inherently unsafe in surfing the dark web. All the usual precautions you take surfing the clearweb apply. Don't visit any child exploitation sites - it will be pretty obvious that's what they are by the names/descriptions before you log in.
It is only when you want to do more than surfing - e.g. buying drugs etc - that you need to do a LOT of homework or you will absolutely get scammed
Is there anything good about the dark web? It depends what you are into. A lot of academic research has concluded that the darknet markets provide a safer way for people to buy and use drugs, due to the ratings of vendors, services that independently test and report back on batches of drugs, doctor on staff ready to answer questions, no violence in transactions etc.
News sites provide a dark web option so that whistleblowers can safety provide information and upload documents that get stripped of any identifying metadata before being available.
It bypasses firewalls and allows for secure communications under hostile regimes
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How does this make you feel about the idea of the decriminalization of drugs? I've always been for full legalization of drugs, and studying the darknet markets just proved I was right.
I was invited to an experts roundtable in Portugal about drugs and cybercrime a few years ago and the Portugal model of decriminalisation has been a great success
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Hey, you are still answering. Been reading this thread for 1-2 hours now. Thank you so much for all the good work and info! Always been intrigued by this topic, downloaded tor once to explore a bit but couldn’t and deleted it right away, to be on the safer side. Great insights. Thanks! I've been writing it for about 14 hours. Going a bit loopy
How was working on Casefile? What's the production process like? Which episodes did u do?? I have listened to... all of them.... I absolutely LOVE working for Casefile. I am a freelancer, so I source and write my own cases and then sell the scripts to Casefile. I've done at least a dozen, but some of my most popular are Amy Allwine, Mark & John, Ella Tundra, Leigh Leigh, Rebecca Schaeffer...
As for the production process, once I have sold the script to them, a staff member edits them and then they are passed on to Casey to narrate. After that, they go to Mike for sound editing, music etc. They are the best team ever
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Oh, Leigh Leigh was so well written!! How do you choose which stories to write? Do you just pick true crime you're interested in? Thank you! I have a huge list of potential episodes. Any time I come across an interesting crime on reddit, or in the news or wherever I make a note of it. Then I just pick one when it comes time to write a new script.
Sometimes I've been personally involved (e.g. Amy Allwine), gone to trials etc. Those are always the best ones
Hi Eiley, your twitter just reminded me of this AMA :) What are your thoughts on bitcoin? And would you prefer to be paid in crypto or fiat? OOOOH, I know that name! Love & Light to you!
I like Bitcoin and I wish I had a whole lot of it and like many many people, I wish I had kept the first crypto I bought at something like $4 a coin :D I do not have a whole lot of it but I do have a little bit. I like the philosophy behind it and in theory it should change the world. However the reality is that the vast majority of it is concentrated in a very few hands which allows for market manipulation and stops it being useful as a post-fiat currency.
As long as I'm getting paid, I'm pretty happy!
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I too remember your name Pluto! Such a decent human ❤ he is!! True OG right there <3
Is the dark web subject to more racism than its counterpart, the world wide web? There are some white power sites and that sort of thing and the chans are even more uncensored than the clearweb ones (4chan, 8chan) but to be honest they are the same cesspools in different spots. Drug forums don't seem to be very racist. I've seen worse on Twitter
Have you seen any consequential political or social organizing being carried out on the dark web? Not directly, but the dark web helped facilitate the Arab Spring uprising in 2010 by allowing activists to remain anonymous and to access blocked websites and social media. Wikileaks, obviously. Some white supremacy organizations seem to use it to coordinate attacks, but they are not places I'm keen to hang out in.
What’s the most expensive thing for sale you’ve seen on the dark web? What was surprisingly inexpensive? I can't remember specific listings, but there were sometimes sales of things like coke by the kilo, so that sort of thing I guess.
LSD could easily be found for $1/tab and one huge dealer gave it away for free if it was for personal use
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1. I’m going to ask a couple in hopes that one will catch your interest! I know you’re anonymous on the dark web, but even so, have you ever felt worried about your safety? I actually made the decision to be upfront and honest about who I am on the dark web, so I use the name OzFreelancer (which is easily traceable to my real name) on all the dark web sites where i went looking for interviews. The people there had the option of talking to me or not, so they had no reason to want to harm me.
2. I’ve found your comments about your relationship with Yura fascinating. Did y’all develop a friendship? Did you build any other relationships that stand out in your mind? Since you were straightforward about being on the dark web for stories, did people seem reluctant to communicate, or were they excited for the opportunity to divulge a secret? We do have a friendship of sorts, it is really quite weird. I do hope to met him one day. I met all of the senior staff of Silk Road other than the Dread Pirate Roberts himself and keep in touch with some. Some people wanted nothing to do with me of course, but many more were happy to talk to me. i think sometimes it was a relief to them to be able to talk to one person who they knew was who they said they were.
3. On violent forums, did users ever express remorse, guilt, shame, or anything indicative of some recognition that what they were viewing/seeking was awful? Do you see doxxing teams on the dark web working together to uncover info, or is the info already there through previous hacks/breaches, and someone just accesses and releases it? Sorry if any of those don’t make sense! I’m not familiar with the dark web lingo but am so intrigued by your work. Not really. I think if they were contributing to the forums, they were comfortable with who they were and what they were doing. Many of the "regular" pedophiles expressed revulsion about Lux and hurtcore sites though
these have probably been asked before but has there ever been a time where you where genuinely been scared for your life and whats the most messed up thing you've witnessed did you have any help? Yeah both things have been answered in this thread, so I'll cut'n'paste
The only time I've felt even slightly in danger despite all this nosing around in there was when I helped uncover a hitman scam. The owner of Besa Mafia, the most profitable murder-for-hire site in history, came after me when I started writing about him. He made loads of threats ("you don't know who I am, but I know who you are and where you live") but that wasnt scary, as I had access to the backdoor of his site thanks to a friendly hacker and knew he didn't really want to hurt anybody.
It took a bit of a darker turn when he told the people who had signed up to work as hitmen on his site - and who he made video themselves burning cars with signs on them to advertise how legit his site was, then never sent them the promised money for doing so - that I was the owner of the site who had ripped them off. That could have become ugly, but luckily even the thugs weren't dumb enough to believe him.
The only other time I've been a bit nervous was when Homeland Security wanted to have a "friendly" meeting with me on one of my trips to the US to attend a trial. They were friendly, but scary too.
The most frightening experience I've ever had is coming face to face with Lux, the owner of Pedoempire and Hurt2theCore, the most evil and reviled person on the entire dark web. He was responsible for procuring and hosting Daisy's Destruction, the most repulsive video ever made, created by Peter Scully, whose crimes were so bad, the Philippines are considering reinstating the death penalty especially for him.
It wasn't frightening because Lux was frightening - he was anything but. It was frightening because he looked so inoffensive and normal.
It was frightening because he was living proof that monsters walk among us and we never know.
[deleted] It is absolute crap for browsing the clearweb, and a lot of sites detect that it is odd traffic and you have to solve their CAPTCHAs before doing the most basic things
I’m sure you’ve seen some really bad stuff, do you regularly talk to a therapist to help? I've never seen a therapist (they don't really seem to be a thing in Australia they way they are in the US), but I have been known to unload on my partner and my dog
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Yo, speaking as an Aussie, they absolutely are a thing, you can get them covered thru medicare, and I recommend it if you possibly can! Bro, therapy is awesome. I'm not against therapy as a thing, but I've honestly never been so traumatised that I feel I need it. Also I had a bad experience with a psychologist after I watched my partner die in an accident - they suggested I find God, and I noped out of there
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Therapist is an American term- we call them psychs. And the one who told you to find God was terrible and out of line. Yeah she didn't last long before I was over it. Also a doctor decided I needed Xanax, which was also a bad move, because what I really needed was to grieve and Xanax doesn't let you do that properly
Do you find any good things on the dark web? Happy stuff that gives people hope? Or just the trash? I like the psychonaut communities. They just want peace, love and mungbeans for everybody
Have you heard of "The Primarch System" rumor of the dark web? Sounds downright silly to me. But I'm curious if anyone who spends time on the deep web actually takes it seriously, or if as an idea it is connected to anything serious at all. Nah, up there with the Shadow Web and Mariana's Web. There's always people who want to find out where the "deeper" "more secret" "really dark" stuff is. To them I say what, hurtcore isn't dark enough for you?
Doesn't delving the murky depths of child predator forums categorize you with the child predators in the eyes of an investigating law enforcement agency? Do you have some sort of amnesty due to your journalism, or is that something you worry about having to explain away? Has your presence there ever caused some sort of a scare? No, I never went into any of the sites that had actual photos or videos (you can't un-see that shit), but did spend a lot of time in pedophile discussion forums. I also went to a hurtcore hearing and saw screenshots in the police files, as well as listening for two days to videos being described frame-by-frame and private communications between the site owner and the sadists.
Besides drugs and sex crimes, what else is going on in the dark web? Are there other interesting nooks and crannies? I often post screenshots of bizarre sites I find on my Twitter. However, the main uses for the dark web are drugs, digital/fraud goods and child exploitation
I have one, it might be rather boring though, but here goes. On these "child predator forums" are they actually forums devoted to stalking children and do they share social media profiles of children among themselves? That would be kik ids, snapchat and facebook ids, instagram, stuff like that, info that would allow online access and that may have been chosen for suitability? Creepy question I know, but anyway I would be interested to hear your answer. I came here from TrueCrime, you referred to these things in your post on that sub. I suspect I already know the answer yet would like to hear your take on it. Yes, they provide information and tips on how to approach children, how to ensure they won't tell, how to sedate them in some instances, where to find child exploitation material, how to remove metadata and any identifying characteristics in photos and videos before sharing and so on.
They don't tend to share socia media, as that is the sort of thing that can be traced easily. They do talk about how to approach kids on social media and on the worst forums how to blackmail children into stripping/meeting etc
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So you're saying they have a more general approach rather than identifying individual children on the internet? Again a creepy question because what I suggest is that a child's social media could be used and circulated on the dark web as potential information to gain access by anonymity, even if it was just online access only. I actually wonder as I have recently read of the anonymity of apps like ''kik messenger'' and how the police are often unable to get any information from the communications as they remain encrypted and off the server and require little if any valid ID to make an account. No doubt photos from social media are uploaded as part of the materials they have. I haven't seen anything where they get together and try to track down a specific child, but I'm sure some predators do this. Most are more likely to abuse children in their orbit - family, kids of friends, or they work where they have access to children
I heard there are forums to download books but it was really dangerous, Is it true? I'm just a poor guy who wants to finish the young Jack sparrow series Whenever you download anything from a pirate site you run the risk of infection
What do you think of QAnon? Wackjob conspiracy
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Who should the conspiracy theorists actually be worried about if they actually care about thwarting pedophilia? The vast, vast majority of child abuse takes place within the child's personal orbit - relatives, family friends, parents of their own friends, people involved in their activities (coaches, leaders, etc)
So, those people
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Also how to we get people to stop believing in QAnon? Outside my area of expertise, sorry
do you personally believe there was/is any truth to the "defense" (story) that DPR was a title handed down to different admins for the original silk road, or was it just a convenient defense? do you have any theories as to who satoshi nakamoto is? besides the original SR, are there any other darkweb markets that you think have a good enough story to turn into a book? eg sheep market? i've seen you talk a little about the child predator forums, and (as with h2tc) noted are mainly populated by males. i'm curious if you've ever encountered females on such forums/websites (eg. btfk) No. There was a time that I believed the person posting on the forums as DPR changed, but the ownership and administration of the market I believe never changed hands. Variety Jones is claiming a part ownership (which may or may not be true) but I believe that is so he can run a Fourth Amendment argument
So many theories have some credibility to them, but no one theory ticks all the boxes. Highly recommend the 3-part youtube deep dive by Barely Sociable
I'm not sure any one market has the story that Silk Road had, but I would like to write a definitive history that encompasses the most compelling features of all the markets. Backopy of BMR apparently got away clean. The admins of Atlantis got wind of a security issue and closed shop, trying to warn DPR. AlphaBay ended in Alexander Cazes death in a Bangkok prison cell. Then everyone flocked to Hansa, which by that time was being run by law enforcement. Evolution ended in the most brazen exit scam, followed by a bizarre cloak'n'dagger situation played out right here on reddit. The WSM/DDW follow-the-money case. And these are just some that come right off the top of my head. I just need a publisher to provide me an advance I can live off while I write it!
There were a very few people on the forums who identified as female (obvs anyone can be anyone on a dark web forum) and there have been one or two arrests of women in relation to dark web child pornography. Peter Scully's female assistant who carried out some of the torture was originally one of his victims, turned into a sadist.
What’s the one lingering unanswered question you have about SR? I am hanging out for Joel Ellingson to go to trial so that I can find out once and for all whether redandwhite, lucydrop and Tony76 are one and the same person.
There are several people who I got to "know" by their handles who I wonder about from time to time, but mostly I hope they are safe and well and i don't want to track them down or expose them
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Eileen, I am fangirling PRE-TTY hard right now. Talking SR and Tony76 with you is how I imagine it feels to talk to a royal correspondent about Prince Andrew 😅 Ellingson being all three would be a very neat end to an otherwise insane story. Part of me wants to pin Oracle in with that trio too but that’s mostly a desperate attempt from me to add another layer to the madness. I miss the twists and turns that came with the rise and fall of SR. From your own experience - would you agree with the idea that more than one person staffed the DPR account? Thanks for the reply! Ha! You have no idea what it is like when I find someone who really knows about this stuff and can have informed conversations about it. I latch onto them and don't let go. The very BEST was meeting up with DPR's three deputies (SSBD in Australia, Inigo in US and Libertas in Ireland) so I could actually have conversations with people who knew more than I did! Variety Jones was cool too, but the conversation couldn't flow too freely thanks to him being incarcerated in Bangkok prison at the time.
I think others sometimes posted from the forum account, but Ulbricht kept a vice-like grip on his market account
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I can imagine it’s so satisfying and exciting to get those tidbits of info that piece the jigsaw together. The bedlam that played out over the forum in the aftermath was a cloud of paranoia and adrenaline that kept me refreshing pages for days. Would love to hear accounts from SSBD, Inigo and Libertas from this time. One last question: what were your thoughts when the Chloe Ayling story first broke? I assumed it was a publicity stunt. I don't think that any more. I guess I can't blame her for milking her kidnapping for publicity in the aftermath, though I don't think she does herself any favors the way she goes about it sometimes
Sorry if this has been covered before but in your research, mainly related to child abuse, where are these children coming from? Children in their care/ family? Kidnapped? The vast majority of child abuse is carried out by someone within their social circle - family and acquaintances. However, the hurtcore stuff was often carried out in third world countries on orphans or where desperate families gave up their children to "benefactors" who they believed were going to provide food an education
What Casefile episodes have you written? I became obsessed with it and ripped through all the episodes and now nothing will fill that void. Thanks for your efforts! Casefile – the murder of Amy Allwine
Casefile – Blue Skies, Black Death
Casefile – Ella Tundra
Casefile – Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs
Casefile – Motown Murders
Casefile – Rebecca Schaeffer
Casefile – Sian Kingi
Casefile – John & Mark
Casefile – Shauna Howe
Casefile – Chloe Ayling
Casefile – Johnny Altinger
Casefile – Killer Petey
Casefile – The Santa Claus Bank Robbery
Casefile – Martha Puebla
Casefile – Leigh Leigh
Is there any way parents can keep their kids safe from this without being helicopter parents? I'll cut'n'paste a response i gave to someone else about this, because it was something that really stuck out to me:
The one thing I found really interesting when I was lurking the forums of the child predators was their frustration about how children are now taught from a very young age that certain touching and acts are wrong and that they shouldn't keep certain secrets. It came up over and over again that they could not abuse certain children because they knew those children had someone they would tell. It was pretty clear that education was a child's best defence against getting abused. Kids who speak up and who have close relationships with one or more people they are likely to confide in
What does it take in terms of degrees and experience to get into this business? Nothing official. I was a lawyer, but that had no bearing on what I do now (I did corporate law). I didn't have any official credentials when I began as a freelance journalist, though later I got a diploma of professional writing and editing. Anyone can be an author, provided they can write
If you could take a guess from your findings, what would be some speculative statistics on these abuse/torture sites? How many people (tens of thousands?) are involved? Do they generally come from the same places in the world or are they seemingly geographically random (based on victim ethnicity, or language spoken, perhaps)... what are some quantifying stats to wrap our heads around how prevalent this shit is? Most dark web users come from western countries, just because infrastructure supports it. The sites often have tens of thousands of registered users, but a lot of them would be people for whom curiosity got the better of them and who signed up then left. Active users more like in the thousands, hyper-active users the hundreds.
One of the things that makes life difficult for law enforcement is that most of these sites don't operate on a commercial basis - people aren't making money from them, so there is no cryptocurrency chain to follow. They operate on a sharing basis and to get access to the more private parts of the sites, a user has to upload "fresh" material and/or prove they are actively abusing a child. Hurt2theCore used to get users to have the children hold up signs or have the site name or a username written on their bodies with a marker. This stopped law enforcement from getting access to those parts (like the "producers lounge") of the sites unless they were able to take over an account of a user who already had access. Even then, the rules of the hurtcore sites would require constant new proof in order to maintain access.
Some sites allowed people to buy access, such as one called "Welcome to Video" and then were taken down by law enforcement carrying out blockchain analysis of the Bitcoin transaction that led to the owner when they cashed out to fiat without moneylaundering precautions
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Do you think LE uses deep fakes to simulate a picture to gain access? Is that possible? It is definitely possible, but I don't know whether they are doing it as they are understandably secretive about their methods. I know it is deeply problematic, as even fake child porn is still illegal (even cartoon stuff, including some Hentai in some countries). But they have used questionable methods before, most notably running the dark web's largest site, Playpen, for over a year in order to identify contact offenders
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Am I hearing you that many people are NOT doing this for financial gain? Just to do it and share it?? Child exploitation, yes, it is mostly a sharing community. Some people make some money out of it, but it is not like drugs where a lot of people are making a LOT of money
On the subject of abused kids... did you ever help the kids in any way? I never met any of the kids. I never saw any of the photos and videos. I don't know who any of the kids are.
Daisy has been taken into care and her identity changed. I hope she is doing okay
What exactly does the dark web look like? You hear about it often, but don’t know if it looks like Google Chrome, Safari, or just a page full of code. It looks like a normal browser and operates just like a normal browser. It's just that it can access sites that your normal browser can't.
e.g. http://thehub5himseelprs44xzgfrb4obgujkqwy5tzbsh5yttebqhaau23yd.onion/index.php is the URL of a dark web forum. If you plug it into your normal browser you will get an error. If you plug it into the Tor browser you will get the registration page for The Hub
How do you keep yourself from hating all humanity? I am happy to report that, even on the dark web, the good people outnumber the bad
Hi! First off I'd like to say that I find what you do quite fascinating and would love to do something like that in the future. My question is in regards to art and other forms of artistic expression on the dark web. Is it true that the dark web is a place where you can also find awesome things such as art and literature? Not really, because all that stuff is readily available on the clearweb. There are sites like the Imperial Library of Trantor, which is a pirate site for books, where you can read thousands of books for free, but that's really no different to The Pirate Bay. Some people share their LSD art, but again, nothing you won't find on the clearweb
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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 216 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

  • Day 40.4. Day 40.3 Task Force Additional Details
    • {{ 911 -- I f'd up and somehow lost this transcript, so I'm going to skip this for now. Sorry }}
    • Basically, going to summarize that it's Deep Task Force Policewoman talking about her injury resulting from a beating and her targetting, reprisals from this. Fiancee was eyewitness and was supporting her, and he ended up dead.
    • George encourages her to go on CSTT and OANN
  • Day 40.4. Bercerra Secret Server Reprisals? - YouTube
    • Day forty this is part three
    • You might have figured out already the Task Force was one of the people that was providing the information from the law enforcement community
    • One of many. This is before Zanesville. Before June 15th
    • And I just want to say that there have been reprisals against people who have helped in the law enforcement community, both in the Federal and state level
    • And Becerra, if you remember, who had the secret server is the Attorney General for the state of California right now
    • He's the one who gave a false [disk] image to the Capitol Police
    • He is the one who later was caught two weeks--delaying that server while the Awans escaped from the country I believe I believe they got out the day after the inauguration
    • G: So first on that first point you knew me and you were researcher for me before June 15
    • TF: Yes I've been helping research chief from the very very beginning of your first videos yeah
    • G: and you were you felt like there was an electronic intrusion on your phone and your email after June 15th
    • TF: yes after speaking to you and then what happened to you in things though yes right now--
    • G: we know that there are some police forces that do engage criminals in sort of a gang for reprisals against other criminals that didn't happen in your case, you've never been involved in anything like that?
    • TF: No
    • G: but you could understand that happening if somebody threatened a Federal judge or somebody threatened a police chief or somebody--certain departments could take care of that yes?
    • TF: right
    • G: yeah but Now you were saying a different situation which is somebody who's actually helping in whistleblowing
    • Now you were severely beaten by four gang members in near in what you might characterize as a sanctuary city in California?
    • TF: yes
    • G: right and you were being beaten with closed fists
    • TF: four gang members are four people jumped and beat me
    • G: and I just want to say that the there is a police report and one of the four suspects is in jail now but it seems like someone from on high has killed this investigation
    • TF: it appears that way right there they're finding me no information there's been no further investigation on the other three suspects no modus operandi no nothing
    • G: I mean you they know where the individuals are?
    • TF: from what I've been told that yes they some have information I do not know why that's not been affected why there's no and I've been in fear
    • G: So I'm gonna do a shout out to attorney general Becerra and hopefully he'll see this and he'll immediately begin an investigation on these other three people, and investigate the gang the MS-13 gang or whatever gang it was we believe it is MS-13. You've done an awful lot of police work on this as not being a police officer and been able to figure out. And you have contacts in the police force as well that say the investigations been killed or spiked?
    • TF: yes I received phone calls from law enforcement officers that have been involved that have told me this makes no sense--why there has not been a further investigation--why they're not looking into it, especially with my history dangerous this reminds me of your husband being--after his untimely death at the age of 32, no police officers going to his funeral and after he was buried in his police uniform
    • TF: yeah
    • G: I mean that is that is kind of this blue code but the blue code we have to relook at that because this is these systems these DHS systems these JTTF systems are being used against police officers not gang members not criminals
    • {{ interrupticops: WAP WAP WAA WAP }}
    • TF: yes
    • G: that's the big change
    • TF: yeah really make it clear I I love my brothers in blue. I honor them they are I'm committed to them and that's why I'm doing this
    • G: you're a leader
    • TF: I was a leader and it's to help them get out of some of the situation's they've been placed in
    • So most police officers are just great great men and women
    • G: And you never threatened anybody or anything
    • TF: never
    • {{ interrupticops: WAP WAP WAA WAP }}
    • G: Never. Ok thank you thank you very much
  • Day 40.5. Podesta Case Reassigned To Judge Contreras - YouTube
    • It's day 40 this is part five
    • I did receive from the DC district court a notice of that the judge in the Podesta case will be changed to Contreras
    • This is great for judicial economy, because the two cases will be combined and Judge Contreras--I've sat in his court
    • He seems like a great man I saw judge Harvey walking out the other day I wanted hey Jarvis
    • I have nothing but the highest level of respect for our Federal Judges
    • Judge Chutkan as well--{{ 911 because she didn't let you intervene? Or are we still waiting on that? }}
    • My belief she's extremely fair person and I believe Judge Contreras will be very fair
    • So I don't want to really entertain anything that in any way impugns our Federal judges
    • But I do want to say that these cases should be separate because there's different defendants doing different
    • In each case a Fusion GPS case and the Podesta case is very different more dossier compiling dossiers and targeting pay-to-play versus what happens over in the Awan case and the DNC which is more phishing attacks and leave it right there
    • I'm gonna be also probably combining videos now
    • So as we move into day 54 and we start having a year look back, I'll be making retractions and updates and that will have a record of in a process for fixing things like for instance my brother did not work for Army Intelligence
    • I believed he worked with somebody who was or did have those connections, but that's also just a speculation
    • So those are the kind of things were will be correcting as we go forward
  • Day 40.6 - YouTube
    • This is Day 40 and this is I think maybe my sixth one I've done today
    • But if you haven't seen this article basically confirms everything I've been saying for quite a long time
    • Terry McAuliffe and Tony Rodham sue over green cards investment scam by these Chinese investors
    • And this Chuck Ross here at The Daily Caller
    • This is a derivative work from a political article I believe
    • But these Chinese investors are suing in Virginia against Terry McAuliffe, who's run all of these schemes for the last 30 years for Bill Clinton
    • This is basically just white water in Virginia
    • I mean you may as well just stamp every one of these cases, get a white water stamp over a DC district court or over it in Virginia Fairfax County, and just start stamping
    • Brother of Hillary Clinton
    • 17 million
    • Basically they were sold and exploited these 32 different people that they were promised pay-to-play to leverage their political connections
    • Their visas would go to the top of the pile
    • These were: guess what? EB-5!
    • Any investment you make in learning these things with this channel always comes back to pay off
    • Not not only just the EB-5 but but here's the Chinese investors
    • You're gonna see more of that with Trump in Jersey City that's coming they're gonna use that as a reprisal
    • Terry McAuliffe used this Green Tech you're gonna see a lot of these different companies are gonna be derivative of did John Podesta the John Podesta group of initiatives
    • And this one's going to be the global climate initiative at the Clinton Foundation
    • Basically they over sold a company
    • Now the company's about ready to go out of business, putting in all these visas in jeopardy
    • The defendants just filed this case last week
    • And again, there's going to be discovery in this case it's gonna play over into our other two cases here as well
    • So like I said, it takes a long time to build a house of cards
    • But it takes only one second for it to collapse
    • And what we're seeing here is a total collapse across the board
    • So so fast that I can't even keep up with it
    • So the I thought my lawsuits were gonna merge at some point,
    • But it looks like they're already have merged with the OPM-hack
    • The OPM hack kind of ties all this together with JTTF and reprisals against whistleblowers
    • And if you've seen this morning's report, you you've seen firsthand on how somebody at the city-level gets attacked by the state level
    • If that doesn't work they bring in the Federal level
    • They bring in the Fusion Center first
    • If that doesn't work then they bring in the Federal the gangs for security the G4S
    • You're going to see this over and over again
    • Now the pattern is is established and things are collapsing rather rapidly
  • Day 40.7 Granting Haseeb More Time - YouTube
    • OK this is the Podesta case and I will just show that here this is the docket for two three three zero, which is
    • Now assigned to judge Contreras here, which is which is fine
    • And then the you can see Podesta group here in Kim Fritts
    • Kim Fritts has accepted service
    • So she'll definitely be a part of this for both Podesta group and the CEO of ARMZ here
    • ARMZ this can be a real important player as we go forward the whole ARMZ story is going to become quite famous
    • But Haseeb Rana the kind of a hero of the story
    • And unfortunately sometimes you have to sue the heroes as well because they're they they went along with it
    • I guess is the the best way to say it and it's unfortunate but I want to appeal to the court that there was a lot of pressure here on Haseeb Rana
    • There's--Imran's threatening to have people their family murdered and openly in the Congressional cafeteria
    • So I just would like the court maybe to consider that he was under quite a deal of stress in addition to having DHS and other government bodies behind the Awans, adding a lot of stress
    • So I certainly would grant him more time for his preparation of his case, which I did not oppose
    • His attorney was in in the office or in the court just recently today
    • And must have happened a few minutes ago
    • And he asked for more time and I granted that
    • So I just wanted to say I want to be very selective here,
    • About who the heroes are and who the people who kind of got swept up along in the in the in the case
    • As well as who the actual ringleaders are
    • And I think that's that's important
  • Day 40.8 Carpener vs. US - YouTube
    • This is Day 40 part 8
    • And as I've said before if you watch this series you just wait for the news to come to you
    • In the Supreme Court today we have the carpenter case this is the Fourth Amendment case
    • Now what they're gonna do here is this is about cell phones that CLSI information
    • What they're gonna do is they're going to try whether that is it illegal search or seizure
    • So the Supreme Court's hearing that today
    • I'm thinking the arguments are gonna go on a couple of days
    • So I can get down there tomorrow but I may go down there this afternoon depending on news stories...
    • But Carpenter is the guy who is doing crimes in Michigan
    • And then they follow him into Ohio
    • They're deliberately putting in this case up where they're following a criminal to make it to justify this Fourth Amendment type thing that happened to me in Zanesville, with the parallel construction
    • As I've said before carpenter as a bank robber and he had felonies before it could easily have been outfitted with a GPS device and they're stylish
    • So forth they could wear it on their wrist they could wear it on their ankle
    • And that would not that would be a better solution to giving the criminals a bracelet, rather than impinging having this JTTF program the Awan's are working on impinging on the rights of every US citizens
    • This basically the 702 provision basically nullifies the Fourth Amendment
    • I mean and that is done without any consent
    • They just nullify the Fourth Amendment
    • You cannot nullify the Fourth Amendment
    • I obviously have a case going here
    • I'm gonna if the carpenter case goes against us, I'm gonna push the rights for journalists first
    • And their first and fourth protections to be the first and fourth amendment
    • I'm going to draw an immediate line between the carpenter case and being a criminal
    • And then a journalist who hasn't done anything wrong, which is exactly my case
    • And of course I have standing
    • So the Supreme Court case may be coming faster than I thought
    • Lots of things are happening simultaneously the 702 vote which is--unrestricted basically this unrestricted collection that McCabe is doing
    • And then coming up with parallel constructions later on
    • That has to end that part of our history has to end
    • So anyway just wanted to look you up to date I think they're gonna hear arguments again tomorrow
    • So I'll be down there tomorrow
    • Who knows I might go down there still this afternoon
  • Day 40.9 Russian Plutonium Has Different DoE Taggants Than US Plutonium - YouTube
    • No Autocaptions, skipping for now
    • Sum of all fears about nukes getting from Savanna to New York as a Dirty Bomb
    • Modus operandi is always go after your whistleblowers and then blame them for your crimes
    • Did Norman Ravenscroft of Transportation
    • Someone deleted George's tweets on Ravenscroft logistics
    • Port of Charleston is the beginning
    • Even movies can help inform
    • Russian plutonium versus US plutonium signature
    • Contamination
    • Uranium coming in from port of charleston was never cleaned
    • Workers at Silkwood were exposed
    • Gary Van der Boegh
    • Peducah, KY is where we spin the uranium
    • Pipes and everything contaminated
    • Plutonium incredibly radioactive
    • Radioactive waste in Peducah, KY
    • Dirt going to end up at Transportation Logistics, small trucking companies going to get rid of it
    • DOE Dept of Envir Quality with documentation to show this
    • Person that Jaquaya knew (honey pot operation)
    • Peduca workers exposed to the radioactive chemicals and the people of Peduca exposed to the waste
  • Day 40.11 FBI Stored UF6, Then Sold Through UAE With Uranium One - YouTube
    • Ok, This is 10/10 and wow what a day I thought I had a big scoop with the task force story
    • But the Uranium One story exploded today I got pictures from down here in Paducah, Kentucky of these used Russian containers
    • And also I think you're gonna find their signature with a very distinctive telltale Russian plutonium--the Department of Energy is going to be adding tagged ants called taggants
    • {{ 911 to Spookiwinx: Not to be confused with Andre's Taggarts }}
    • We've mentioned before in the show that are gonna say that these these Russian containers were in South Carolina
    • So if you haven't seen this, going back to gosh, before before the June 16th or 15th arrest, the parallel construction
    • This was put up by character-driven
    • I know I'm in Columbus here
    • I'm just what excuse me just wondering if I had already said this before Columbus or after
    • I think I was sitting on this because I was trying to still trying to meet the informant for one of the enrichment plants in Piketon, Ohio
    • But I know I said it afterward, because there it is
    • And if you go to two minutes and 58 seconds if you just google "George Webb and uranium", it will say the FBI has been intercepting uranium
    • They've been storing it at Y-12 in Tennessee
    • I think they also store a little bit of it the the cleaned stuff in Clarksburg, Tennessee are Clarksburg, West Virginia those are the two places and then it goes on to Honeywell
    • So if you haven't seen it, here it is
    • You can go I believe character-driven put it up
    • I don't know what day it is for me
    • This is what came up when I did George Webb for uranium my all my it seems like my uranium youtubes are missing
    • Maybe it's not I just haven't looked yet but character-driven is that great photographer out in British Columbia, who has her own radio show
    • And who what kind of went on the road kind of a travels with Charlie
    • And that was key her experience and as well as the experience of the filmmaker up there were key in kind of breaking the ratline as it existed before
    • You're gonna have a lot of different ride lines in Canada and then when Hillary becomes Secretary of State 2009, they're just gonna move the United States
    • So here it is if you haven't seen it
    • It's the port of Charleston--right here (sorry about that) port Charleston down here is where all this stuff is coming in
    • It's gonna be intercepted there at the Navy Yard is this is actually coming in
    • If you read the ravenscroft letter the famous Ravenscroft letter
    • Now the 2004 famous Ravenscroft you're gonna see that the raven crops crops a little rearranging right there on the way to Metropolis--
    • I don't make these names up the Superman names...
    • You know kryptonite's next I guess
    • But the ravenscroft is going to be right here I believe the crofting of the uranium by the Raven is going to happen right there at y12
    • Now could a little bit also be could the raven also fly in and croft a little uranium in Parkersburg alright not Parkersburg but Clarksburg West Virginia?
    • Yes I believe
    • So the clean stuff but I think the process is going to go this way it's gonna go to the Honeywell plant the allied chemical plant in Metropolis
    • What's left over this has Russian uranium and plutonium and all the other trans yer annex Uranics that are not good for you cesium 137...
    • I just hope that cesium 137 is not being used in diagnostic medicine
    • I know usually they use strontium 60 I think, but if they're they are using the cesium 137--that's contaminated with plutonium and my son does that procedure
    • So this is really this is really scary
    • Anyway the just even thinking about that makes me...
    • But anyway Peduca's where the storage facility is as these tape containers come came in they got dumped at this plant
    • These containers were making we're changing this black dirt these are the black barrels going this way just think of--?? going through Tennessee
    • Where the black barrels his jalopy is all filled with these black barrels black gold he's filled Jed Clampett is going up here and he gets to Metropolis and he unloaded and then it's gonna turn into those mark now-famous Mark Lambert UF6 containers
    • Those long containers these are the big boys
    • These are the tall ones
    • Now it's going to go back here
    • I think to to the national complex and stored here somewhere with containers here
    • Now there's another facility here it's also excuse me
    • It's also in Piketown, Ohio, where I was getting close to, when the parallel construction happened
    • But then the clean uranium the clean plutonium or plutonium in general, I think goes back here in the Y12 security complex
    • If you want to look at megatons to megawatts which is the MTM program, it's just basically buying and selling
    • Buying storing and selling just like any store would do
    • The buying part comes in 1999 to 2008
    • You buy. It gets stored right here why 12 maybe also Clarksburg, West Virginia but I'm gonna say Y12
    • I think the plutonium is so sensitive that it's gonna go to Clarksburg, but we don't know yet
    • And then when Hillary becomes Secretary of State just goes the other way just goes out the other way two through the UAE to Create a Zero Footprint on the deal
    • And just that simple so this is just a very straightforward a straightforward case of buying storing and selling
  • Day 40.12. Mangoes Are an Emanuel Throw - the Halal Meat In Ames, IA Coming in Through Sugarland, TX - YouTube
    • No Autocaptions
    • Maybe Steve King said in 2007 House Foreign Affairs Meeting that the Awans have our information
    • Ames, Iowa APHUS center where they do fruit AND meat testing
    • HACCP--critical point of testing where DHS could inject themselves in food inspection and bring stuff off the line
    • That's exactly how you'd create a ratline, bring stuff in from TX, Sugarland Express, bring HALAL meat just for the Pakistanis
    • Almost reminds me of the kosher chicken from Arkansas, where they stuffed drugs in the chicken at Tyson
    • I won't say anything about the horses and Al Capone {{ 911: _ WUUT? }}
    • Mangoes are a throw--Reuhm Emmanuel doing the greenberg thing, sleeping on his couch for 6 yrs, that him saying hey we'll have this throw, have a party about Hillary doing the mango thing but meanwhile in TX we'll have this Halal
    • Why do I say TX? Because Imran has this company called Nanoset w/Hina Alvi in TX
    • But his father has a company called blue sky link which is iridium satellites for tracking--this logistics DHS control point
    • Control point where you lift your package off the line
    • Other point of control or DHS logistics is going to be in Sugarland TX
    • These drugs are going to be animal pharma. WHy? Because they have a company called animal pharma
    • I hope radioactive drugs arent being put in vets (veterans)
    • Mangoes are the throw
    • And the back of the hand is the real deal
    • Tarmac meeting tomorrow is what they want you to see, the real tarmac meeting is Mueller in Tblisi Georgia where he says 'look at my highly enriched uraniums'
  • Day 40.13. Did the Awan Team Rotate Through DHS’ Virginia Port of Qasim Video Surveillance Office. - YouTube
    • Dark dark dark
    • So Saipov truckers Saipov trucker
    • If you were gonna truck stuff like the truck I just walked by, and you were gonna it was gonna be illegal--like let's say uranium--if any of this gets out you have big problems, it would make sense to rotate people from the is Uzbeki truckers, the ratline,
    • You have a weekend away if you did good weekend in Paris for the for the soldiers
    • And I think the same kind of rotation schedule
    • And this is pretty standard with the CIA
    • Rotate people in
    • Always be training...
    • And this is where I think the story of the port of Qasim comes in
    • Because I do think it's Imran Awan there are two months out of the year
    • And I think it's gonna be the other six conspirators two months out of the year
    • Why? Because if somebody's gone for two months, you can cover for them
    • They start being gone--I get as soon as Congress goes out, that'd be a really good time for Imran to leave, which is I think what he does every year
    • He's gonna go to Pakistan because he's got to go recruit and train new people same sort of thing with Hasib and Rao
    • I think Rao's to guy who covers for him when he's gone
    • I gave just gave Kim Fritts another 20 days to prepare a response
    • I'm not interested in--getting in a fight or anything or filing a whole bunch of frivolous motions
    • I want them I want Kim Fritts to prepare a good defense
    • I want Hasib Rana to have time, because these are the people that kind of get edged into these things
    • Kind of get pushed in Kim Fritts is gonna end up kind of not being a hero in this
    • But kind of almost under unsuspecting
    • Doesn't understand all the things that are going on that she's signing her name to
    • She's in a way and Eric Braverman that didn't have that Braverman moment, that said wait a minute I'm not signing this thing
    • And that's I think the difference between Kim Fritts and the Braverman
    • And do I think JTTF DHS runs the port of Qasim as only port and in the open ports initiative?
    • I certainly do
    • Do I think that DHS here would have the ability to hire him there and put him there and the other six?
    • I do. I think they were in the port of Qasim
    • Now they spent some time up in Punjab
    • Punjab visiting the farmers with USAID but they spent a lot of time Port of Qasim
  • Day 40.15 DHS IG 159K Names On Home Server - Raid This Spring, Conspirators Not Namedd - YouTube
    • Ok This is Day 40 very busy day for me it was so much happening this is probably version 14
    • But this is the New York Times article that I started the day with and the insiders accused of stealing personal data from homeland security
    • Now you probably already remember Mike McMahan the FBI we interviewed several times
    • OPM Office of Personnel Management
    • This is containing the DHS piece of this is 246,000
    • This is the DynCorp backbone
    • DHS is the DynCorp backbone of 30 different agencies
    • It's going to be DynCorp that manages this
    • Imran Awan is going to end up being a DynCorp employee, as well as the other six in the spy ring
    • So I just want to make that prediction right
    • Now as far as how the actual money's getting there
    • So now it's gonna go through a lot of different methods to get him the money but that's that's where it's coming from but as I said it is going to be the Inspector General that are going to be the control points
    • If someone is making it being a whistleblower and any of these things and saying hey there's drugs over here, you only need one you only need one person at the control point
    • Let's say this is the top of the funnel at the bottom of the funnel however you want to look at it I only need person there
    • All the information can come up from these 256,000 people that may be whistleblowers
    • And I only need one person to control all 246,000 I just have to smear that person with a dossier, as soon as that report--the whistleblower--comes to Congress
    • The same way is if I control the IG and the report a person who has a false passport,
    • And I believe that there was this kingston location here in vert and Virginia was printing these things by the box load
    • I believe different attorneys in these six or twelve or twenty, however it many it was, twelve or twenty different Congressional districts were driving these passports to these different EB-5 attorneys
    • That's why three of them died down in basically three of them died down in Florida right?
    • And if you look at the Clinton Foundation case it's EB-5 EB-5 EB-5
    • LA EB-5
    • Florida EB-5
    • Texas EB-5
    • New Jersey ann New York EB-5
    • Washington DC, Virginia EB-5
    • All these EB fives these are all gonna be cases
    • Now if you look at the case file that the inspector general had
    • Again, this is a control point of for a hundred and fifty nine thousand cases right
    • Now as I mentioned this morning they don't name the three people
    • Three people did this
    • But they don't name who the three people are
    • What kind of law enforcement is?
    • What kind of journalism is that?
    • Three employees of inspector general's office stole a computer system containing information of 246,000 different agency employees
    • Why don't we know the names of these three people that sold it?
    • The only people that I know they get that kind of protection are the Awans
    • The only people that I know
    • And again, of course it's right here on K Street--that's why I've spent a lot of time on K Street 800 K Street
    • They're currently completely gutting 800 K Street by the way
    • They're going to put in a new--it's got the mark of Mattis because it's completely cleaned out at the bottom
    • I think all the all the back channels are getting cleaned out or the other way and maybe the other way, but I think it's Mattis cleaning it out it's being gutted right now
    • So anyway this is a raid in the spring okay
    • Now we know that I went to Android Tigers Andre Taggart's house we know that there was a raid there in the spring
    • They found one hundred fifty nine thousand Case Files
    • Well if they had gotten into Theresa Grafenstine's computer and Theresa Grafenstine knows all the other IGs, that I would explain that
    • Again, show me three employees that had get protection like this, where their names aren't named, when they steal a hundred fifty nine thousand names, and they that were raided in the spring
    • I know of one we did an interview with it I did an interview with him two hundred days ago
    • And Crowdsource the Truth did an interview with him as well
    • And we know he exists we know it's that person
    • This is going to be Andre Taggart
    • This raid here is going to be Andre Taggart and these 159,000 case files are going to be that server at Hawkshead
    • Now other channels probably can make a case for the server being Sprayer
    • I just don't see that, because we don't have but anybody's saying there's government BlackBerry's here
    • There was government servers here there was a special toner cartridge which gives me a reason for going in and out it's special toner
    • So that only this one company can do it
    • So then again, I have a control point rather than anybody who wants to get the toner refilled its special toner so we have to go do it
    • Rao has to be the guy who goes or Hasib has to be the guy who goes
    • But somebody has to be the guy who goes for the special toner right
    • So that's what you're gonna have the special toner it's gonna be a reason why one and only one different contractor a CDW-G contractor can go there
    • And I think it's gonna be that ultraviolet one
    • I think it's gonna be the ultraviolet kind of spy paper
    • {{ 911: They used to use semen for invisible ink. Really. More spies, whistle-blowing themselves }}
    • But we'll see we'll see but anyway this is John Roth is the inspector general
    • Now if you don't know John Roth, here's this picture
    • Each of these departments has an inspector general okay
    • So here he is and what--my question for John Roth
    • Again, I'm gonna obviously subpoena him
    • I've got a suit currently against the DHS
    • I had it before this news broke and I'm gonna ask him the question, "John tell me more about this study"
    • "What's the name of the inspector general that had their system hacked?"
    • "Was it you? Was it Theresa Grafenstine? Who what when where how and why?"
    • The only thing they put is "what happened"--that sounds like a Hillary book
    • We need to answer all those questions of who want where how and why
    • All I need is metadata I don't need to know any of the case files
    • I just need to know what their names are
    • Just what the names are
    • Actually I don't even need to know those just if the Awans are in there
    • And the various names that we've gone through, just to see if there's in those 159,000 case files
    • I think you're gonna have the Kingston operation is a printing complicate operation
    • They're fixing passport printers up there at Kingston
    • They're printing these passports
    • And they're filling out boxes and those boxes are going in the back of attorneys cars and the 2,000 or 4,000 indictments that you see now are gonna be people who have fake passports
    • DHS has a way of seeing if they uncover something like this with fake files 159,000 files, and they see 600 Awan 600 Imran Awans, they're gonna say hey 599 of these are fake
    • And then you got to go arrest them
    • And you see all the indictments to make sure you get everybody
    • That's what I think this is they're going to be trucking they're gonna be trucking ratlines
    • As well as programmer ratlines--people that are here illegally to programming different projects
    • And we'll see one thing indictments are released
    • But the trial has now been delayed
    • Not going to trial tomorrow, it's being delayed until January the 8th
  • Day 41.1 Raj Fernando Type - Hawala Traders? - YouTube
    • No Autocaptions / DUTCH
    • Luke Rosiak and Brian Ross is probably my favorite reporter going back to Cleveland with the teamsters in CLeveland
    • Late 1970s or 1965 Brian Ross
    • Clinton Foundation international nuclear security and proliferation experts on a board
    • A clinton donor gets on board
    • {{ G plays ABC News Clip, highlights: }}
    • in 2011, Clinton State Dept added Rajeed Fernando, a wealthy Chicago comoddities broker with no known connection to the national security world. What he was known for before and after his appointment was raising and giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Clinton Campaign and Clinton Foundation
    • When Brian Ross of ABC news approached Raj Fernando, Raj became upset and Brian Ross was threatened with arrest
    • But now the new set of emails revealed in a lawsuit brought by citizens united revealed the role of Clinton's Chief of staff Cheryl Mills in appointing the big donor--a senior career official using the shorthand "S" a common reference to Secretary Clinton.
    • S Staff cheryl mills added him. Raj was not on the list sent S, he was added at their insistence
    • Hillary perjured herself to Congress in her confirmation hearing wrt pay-to-play, pay-for-appointment, "I don't know who will be giving money" ... "that will not influence in will not be in the atmosphere"
    • The new clinton emails also show that when ABC started asking questions about the appointment of Fernando in 2011, Cheryl Mill asked the press officer to stall for 24 hours. The very next day Fernando offered his resignation from the prestigious board
    • Clinton Campaign declined to comment
    • Raj Fernando has given over a million to CF
    • Raj Fernando became "one of her[sic] superdelegates" {{ 911: "her"? and not DNC?}}
    • WSJ reports Hillary's email contains messages about drone strikes overseas that FBI is investigating, sent by american diplomats in Pakistan about pending drone attacks that ended up on HER PERSONAL EMAIL SERVER
    • But that the email did not contain the words CIA or Drone, ABC has not been able to independently confirm
    • {{ Back to G }}
    • Those emails had to come from either State Dept, CIA, Foreign Intel agencies, for those to be on her server
    • By connecting those simple dots you can show that the Awans might likely be a source
    • VICE interviewing PK drug lords in England
    • They ask, 'how do you do this [drug dealing] if it's Haram (as in boku haram)--forbidden by Islam?'
    • You can see that there's state sponsorship
    • These guys are not living the lives of devout muslims going to [mosque] and praying 5 times a day, they are living it up, kind of like Imran with the 3000/night stripper habit
    • Bitcoin that is stamped Halal---In Islam you have to have a currency that is backed by value, not just based on debt.
    • {{ 911: Halal is why they won't accept empty barrel US fiat dollars and instead need us to give them illegal drugs/guns/kids/organs/rapeable womenfolk/satellite imagery, because you know monopoly money isn't kosher; so instead they are going to accept the CIA's own virtualized store of energy, whose value is based on US tax-funded AI botnets trading with themselves in the background, front-running on intelligence behind the exhanges, which are themselves owned by silicon-based lifeforms (socialized transnational corporatists, 33000 freemasons) like Peter Thiel et al--to ensure CIA has perennial dominance of the currency. SMART }}
    • >>>CONT
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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 83: "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

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  • Day 254.2. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. Day 254, little bit of a break here at Starbucks
    • I found Johnathan Chamber SCHAEFER again for the famous screenwriter
    • Just talking to him about his girlfriend is his trip to Israel in doing the background for the Art of Leonard
    • And I just wanted to now ask a little bit more about this upcoming movie
    • I always like to find out about upcoming movies
    • I think it's going to be called sirens of Syria
    • Sirens of Syria
    • Kind of a strong undertow member of dizziest with the pull both patriotic pull of country and romantic {{noise}} is going to be kind of a Doctor Zhivago type thing
    • JS: So what did you talk a little bit about planning period this is a story based on a true guy real guy from Syria
    • There are all kinds of refugees from Syria he's a very different kind of refugee
    • He's a guy who is doing very well in the Syrian system and the back of that system started to break I guess it hasn't yet broken the grip of the Syrian tyranny on his mind cracked and he basically became a totally different Huma being
    • So that the transformation he goes through as a result of this civil war
    • G: Now we have a treatment out there in their literary world you write this treatment
    • Kind of details the whole plot, because the producers don't want to actually have to read the script right?
    • JS: haha that's right
    • G: And he's a little bit farther along than that but we're not going to talk about that
    • So now you probably already said Jonathan Schaefer is that S C H A E F E R -- JOHNATHAN SCHAEFER is that the right spelling?
    • JS: that's the correct spelling there was a really shitty beer made in New York State many years ago no relation unfortunately
    • So if you google that name you might find a few appearances on a few soap operas and a few independent films and I think beautiful mind I think you're up for a part with a beautiful mind as the girlfriend of Jennifer Connelly in that, and what happened?
    • JS: I auditioned to Ron Howard and the only I'll say about that is Ron I knew I was going to punishing for Ron Howard I was
    • So excited I watched every movie they are made every interview I could get my hands on and he talked about when he got out of film school he was only 19 years old he went to UCLA, after having been a childhood star, and we said even though ever knew he was only 19 no one would give him money to make a film
    • So he said he thought for a minute about making the year he graduated UCLA film the highest-grossing film was DEEPTHROAT
    • So he thought that I thought for a minute of making a film called "Opie gets laid"
    • So he never made that
    • Never he managed to get funding in other ways he's still willing to make that film
    • All right we're going to have maybe a few more vignettes here from Jonathan as big days to come
    • So we'll see what happens
  • Day 254.3. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. It's Day 253
    • And this is part three and I just thought I'd do a quick breakdown of the video I did before
    • Sorry about the music in the background
    • This is Clinton Foundation
    • As I've said before I've divided this between the hills and the bills and the hills
    • This is the old Clinton Foundation this is the new Bruce Lindsay was a lawyer all the way back to Arkansas then becomes the president of the Clinton Foundation
    • Then of course Eric Braverman later takes that role as the Hillary replacement that Chelsea puts Eric Braverman in
    • Of course poor chef Doug Band who is the key counsel of Bill Clinton during that with his White House days did all the deals basically good-old-boy deals with Bill Clinton
    • This close personal confident of Bill Clinton
    • Laura Graham also could maybe be considered a bill maybe it'd be considered a hill
    • She had a lot of problems trying to negotiate this world between the two
    • Of course she's the person's trying to drive off the Staten Island Ferry to commit suicide because she's
    • So confused and torn about that
    • And of course now we get to the technical level
    • This is Justin Cooper he's the key hacker
    • This is the Chelsea Clinton writes an email about Justin, saying she reads all of Bill Clinton's emails, he's putting spyware on all the Blackberries, "He's spying on us he's spying on us and spying on us"
    • Of course that means that Bryan Pagliano is spying on the Bills
    • So so Justin is spying on the Hills, Brian is spying on the Bills
    • How does that net out in terms of business?
    • Well, Teneo is the group inside a Clinton foundation for the old Bills... of selling influence, and influence peddling
    • The new one for the Hills is the Podesta group: Tony Podesta and all the players they are
    • Joule energy
    • Uranium one Frank Giustra the key companies that are used as not necessarily fronts, but they're involved in the shipping, air, land and sea, for dictators around the world for
    • Oops--out of focus for some...for a second don't know why, sorry about that
    • The key companies involved are decision scientists
    • And of course this morning I expose the Awans at several airlines for sea shipping and land shipping
    • Basically it was Brian Pagliano that's going to be stealing information from the Decision Sciences, from Teneo, pulling it over here for the Awans for the air, land, and sea business
    • With the Bills, it was weapons and uranium
    • The thing that the Hills are going to add is not only weapons depleted uranium weapons, but also this white phosphorus
    • This is going to be why Eric Braverman leaves the Clinton Foundation
    • Because the white phosphorus weapons these disfiguring weapons that eat through skin to the bone
    • So this was the days of hoe and blow and
    • Now we've gone to the days of white phosphorus and organ harvesting
    • You might remember the movie "white mischief"?
    • Well this is white phosphorus
  • Day 255.1. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. This is Day 255 part 1
    • Happy Fourth of July everybody
    • Here on 23rd Street again the site of the Braverman bombing
    • Still the windows are not fixed as you can see behind me
    • Now I'm going to just talk about GID a little bit
    • GID is the Intelligence services of Egypt
    • So I'm going to take what's known as a giddy walk: when you when GID guys go for a walk, it's called a giddy walk
    • So we're going to a giddy walk today
    • I'll be a little giddy because I'm doing GID
    • And I'm just going to say that for the Braverman bombing here for these two guys to be taking these two pressure cookers over four blocks in New York there's a lot of cameras so it's not a conspiracy it's called a camera, okay.?
    • The first camera I'm going to highlight is the picture the camera that took the picture of the guys which is right over there walking down the street with the two bombs.
    • There's another picture of them leaving the hotel with the two pressure cooker bombs
    • But we're just going to walk and I'm gonna talk about a whole bunch of different a whole bunch of different items today
    • But I want you to think about how many cameras in that hat you're passing as I do the walk
    • Now as they go by you're going to see the NYPD published a picture of the two guys the two Egyptian pilots and then later they were security forces that came in
    • So just imagine the amount of trouble to fly those two guys into New York, get the two pressure cooker bombs at the hotel or wherever they picked them up, roll them down here to 23rd Street, and roll them up 27th Avenue--23rd to 7th...27th Street and then over to where they end up ended up, dropping the second bomb, which didn't go off, okay?
    • So here's what I'm saying if that was depleted uranium--if they knew the Awan Brothers and the bomb that went off right here was depleted uranium, this whole neighborhood would have been affected
    • That's why this isn't just the game.
    • This is a very serious national threat very serious actual threat
    • There goes our first responders they also have body cameras, and would like to see those for Seth Rich by the way
    • Now that there's first responders that have come forward and that Seth Rich case
    • So we're going to talk about brainy blonde in little it talked about the calls of the help desk for the Seth Rich who drove the NPV Van, all that stuff
    • But let's just take the walk now and I'm going to walk here
    • Boom no depleted-uranium and this one right
    • So thank God but NYPD publishes a picture of the two guys right here right here as you pass this little parking meter, that's where their picture is first published and APB is put out
    • Now why would you shut that down?
    • Now later they identified the two guys
    • Remember, as I walk along here, every business has the camera
    • Also look up here on both sides its cameras all over the place,okay
    • So we're still walking along
    • Now as I walk in and you just start realizing the amount of cameras that would have to be along here
    • This is not a conspiracy. This is called camera. Okay.
    • These guys had to walk all along here
    • Now the question you have to ask yourself is: "why would the FBI let these guys go?"
    • You have their picture, you have an all-points bulletin of the GIDs on the giddy walk, you got your GIDs, your pilots, your Egyptian pilots on the giddy walk, why would you let them out of the country?
    • Now they identified them to the American public after they left the country
    • Why would you do that?
    • Why wouldn't you hold them for a couple of days anyway, and say, "hey what's going on here?" --totally understand the crime
    • The guy in New Jersey they ended up arresting was never photographed here
    • He was never photographed on 27th Street he was never photographed anywhere along the walk I'm taking
    • If you just look around when you cross the corner like 23rd Street and 7th Avenue they're cameras everywhere
    • You've never been on camera so much in your life than right here
    • There's the Bronx station and it's just it's almost
    • So let's switch quickly I'll talk about a couple other topics as we take this walk
    • You also have a situation with an Awan dying or getting murdered on Pennsylvania Avenue
    • And he's going to be connected with that DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs DC DCRA--we talked about it yesterday
    • He's going to be murdered not far from Pennsylvania Avenue in 2008
    • So I'm not going to talk about that today but tonight on the show, I will talk about it more
    • I've just made it up one block here the 24th Street
    • And you can already see on both sides how many cameras you would have to pass
    • I'm not even up to the whole foods and Jason Goodman's home here on 25th Street Okay.
    • ( We've never ever withheld where Jason Goodman lived yet some people are saying he lives in Tarzana California. Somebody else published the fact that he lives here. Great that's what we've said all along )
    • So I'm not going to walk the whole distance, but you can see that I've only walked one street out of the four
    • Plus I have to go in on 27 back east on 27th Street there's cameras literally everywhere
    • Why wouldn't the FBI publish this in profusion?
    • But you have to ask yourself, "do you trust the FBI?"
    • "Do you trust Andrew McCabe who shut down the Hillary investigation?"
    • Who shut down the Huma investigation
    • Who shut down the Awan brothers investigation?
    • Who shut down to the Monica Peterson investigation
    • And where are we? Who are we investigating?
    • Me!
    • *I'm the only guy who's in a fight over DU with the FBI
    • And I've never touched DU in my life
    • I've never owned a shipping container
    • I've never shipped anything into the United States
    • I've never shit owned a shipping company in the United States
    • I've never owned a shipping company in Pakistan
    • I've never held a diplomatic passport
    • I've never been a member of a royal family
    • I've never taken any training Intelligence training
    • I've I've never committed any crimes on Congress....any burglaries
    • I've never threatened anybody with kidnapping
    • Yet I and the only guy--I'm the only guy who's got a trial related to depleted uranium in the United States right now
    • And I'm still the only person to have a trial involved with Clinton Foundation
  • Day 255.2 Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. It's day 255 part 2
    • What did Braverman tell us to do? What did Braverman say?
    • Follow the money
    • Why hasn't anybody in this investigation been following the money?
    • We're following body camera footage that doesn't exist--the following first responder cameras that don't exist
    • {{ Partymode-activated scrunchie photobombs George }}
    • << Haaay Scrunchie.....I wanna party wit-chu >>
    • So anyway why not follow the money?
    • Amalgamated Bank well why am I in front of Amalgamated Bank?
    • Well because they could have saved a lot of letters if they just said SEIU Bank, right
    • This is the bank of the Clinton Foundation
    • Why wouldn't you follow the money if you were a New York FBI doing a field investigation
    • Why wouldn't you follow the money?
    • Well who was the CFO that was the CFO of SEIU?
    • Keith Mestrich just think of an ostrich but take the OS off and put an mes
    • Keith Mestrich was the CFO of SEIU and it's the president of Amalgamated Bank
    • This is like one simple google search if you were FBI in New York field office FBI
    • And Eric Braverman came to you, and said, "hey follow the money"
    • You'd go, "hey Eric, just wait here a second in the lobby over here at FBI field office. We'll google Amalgamated Bank. Oh Keith Mestrich he was also CFO of SEIU."
    • You would also probably say, "well who is the CFO over at DNC?"
    • You could just do this
    • Well you remember when you're a little kid in art class, and they had you cut a strip of paper, and then you turned it and glued it a half turn, and then you put a pen on it, you did a crayon all around it found it with continuous
    • Aand kept on going forever remember
    • That strip remember what that strip was called?
    • That was the mobius strip
    • Well just put a tee instead of the M--that's Tobias
    • Because the money just circulates back to the Clinton Foundation no matter if it's supposed to go out to the states, the Tobias strip brings it right back into Amalgamated Bank.
    • If the states all give money to the DNC, and then the Amalgamated bank's supposed to take it back out, it's a rubber band: it comes straight back into Amalgamated Bank
    • Andy. Andy Tobias. Then the DNC very good friends of the Clintons then the treasurer of the DNC since 99 check it out 1999
    • So wouldn't you---if your field FBI and Eric Braverman walked into your office, when you start right here at Amalgamated Bank, if you were following the money the Clinton Foundation
    • This is the Clinton Foundation's Bank okay
    • So let's walk down the street a little bit I'm going to go to Cohens
    • Now who's Dave Cohen?
    • Well he ran the New York Police Department's intel unit for about 12 years
    • I think Mr. Cohen has pretty good eyes
    • I respect Mr. Cohen I indirectly work for him
    • Pretty damn smart guy, through you Rudy Giuliani's organization
    • Pretty damn smart guy look up Dave Cohen
    • You don't think he'd be smart enough to go and get Justin Cooper
    • Go and get somebody who was disaffected within the Clinton Foundation
    • You don't think he'd be smart enough to do that and say, "hey I need to get you I need an inside guy, who's getting the emails brought up here in the NGP vans at the Clinton Foundation"
    • Somebody who could hack into the Clinton Foundation
    • Get those emails of those seven financial people don't you think the FBI and NYPD Intel are smart enough to follow the money
    • The seven people involved in the money at the Clinton Foundation the NYPD is not going to run around after the body cams that don't exist
    • Oh by the way this is right on the track right
    • There's variety down there this is right on the track of the giddy guys the GID guys the Egyptian bombers
    • They take your right body the bank
    • It could be easier I can't believe all these things are linked together
    • Literally they walked up here with a second bomb, the second pressure cooker, the roller, the two Egyptian pilots, and they walk you right by Amalgamated Bank
    • So it's Keith Mestrich CEO was the CFO at at SEIU
    • Podesta, Andy Stern, all the SEIU beetles. Hey the SEIU beetles get to have a bank too, right?
    • So now I won't walk over to the--well, why not? Let's walk over to the DNC phones
    • Let's do a hack or let's do a leak one of the -- let's do one of the two
    • So we're going to do is we're going to be the FBI
    • I'm going to be I'm going to play Adrian Hawkins
    • And I'm going to call Yarid Tameen at the help desk, and I'm going to say, "hey you've been hacked" on one of the phones
    • And the other phone is going to be the DCCC, and that's going to be connected by a VPN on Ivy Street there in Washington DC
    • So these two phones one's going to be the DNC and the other is going to be the DCCC
    • So here we go going to do a little role play here
    • Remember: I'm Adrian Hawkins with the FBI. Right?
    • So I'm going to ring I'm going to ring here
    • Bring Bring,
    • G-ADRIAN "hey hey DNC. I'm Adrian Hawkins.
    • G-TAMEEN: "Hello YARID TAMEEN what's what's the trouble?"
    • G-ADRIAN: "Are you are you the helpdesk?
    • G-TAMEEN: "Yeah I'm helpdesk."
    • G-ADRIAN: "Well you've been hacked. What day is it? It's September 2015. You've been hacked
    • G-TAMEEN: "Oh you're so funny scrunchie, I'm going to ignore you"
    • So October
    • G-ADRIAN: "Hey you've been hacked again"
    • G-TAMEEN: "Oh scrunchie you so funny I don't believe you oh-kaaay"
    • So this goes on for a couple months until November
    • Until finally, they have a meeting, and they come up with the Uretsky thing, and of course they blame the whistleblower again
    • And then three more calls the helpdesk until April, till Bernie drops the lawsuit
    • Bernie drops a lawsuit on April 29th, the same day we have an email come out about Amy Dacey saying, "oh we got hacked"
    • So it's eight months later at the night of the White House Correspondents Dinner Amy Dacey admits they got hacked
    • So we're going to leave it right there that's a lot of information
    • But do you believe this story, with--look up Adrian Hawkins calling help desk.
    • Hey scrunchie we don't believe you
    • YARID Y A R I D Tameen T A M E E N
    • He's the guy on the help desk MIS is the company name in Chicago, taking the calls from the FBI
    • The six calls and the two meetings but now it's the most important thing on the national agenda
    • Before it was six calls to the help desk and two meetings
    • But now it's the most important thing in our democracy that we get to the bottom of
    • This hack
    • Or leak
  • Day 256.1. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. Day 256 part one
    • Is last day here
    • But my eighth-grade teacher told me she said comparison and contrast is a key assay
    • You have to learn how to compare and contrast
    • So I just wanted to compare the Egyptian pilots security guys GID whatever you want to call them, with my situation, in my case
    • Remember, all I did was I got called by the Coast Guard three times. Three times. And I told them the same thing every time
    • Check the for diplomatic containers if with standard practices if they say Awan brothers Awan brothers transport
    • I think is what I said or Awan/ Brothers Inc the two
    • I can't remember if I said a third Awan brothers transit I think maybe
    • But I said if it has one of those a1 names check through diplomatic containers standard scan ok
    • Now contrast this with the two guys or start walking it
    • There's these two Egyptian guys security services
    • We don't know if they had diplomatic passports
    • But we know they dropped off a bomb
    • We know the bomb went off and if it would have had red bag waste radioactive waste, it would have been a dirty bomb
    • If it would have had depleted uranium it would have been a dirty bomb
    • Bill de Blasio the mayor of New York called the nightmare scenario
    • About that incident that night.
    • Pictures taken right here the parking thing
    • The other reason I walk the route a lot is there's got to be it was 8:30 at night there's got to be a lot of people that were out here this is the workday
    • Now this morning that's me a lot of people that remember that night 8:30 Saturday night Chelsea fun night people walking around having fun going to dinner
    • They would remember two Egyptian guys rolling that tiger bag
    • So we focused on the tiger bag
    • That's what we were focused on the pressure cookers inside of it give people an idea of the shape right
    • So that's that's what we're doing there
    • So let's shift off that
    • Move over to the news that came out with WikiLeaks this morning WikiLeaks had a tweet that said the CIA tried to influence 1,800 different narratives of different works in books okay
    • Now most Americans don't realize that the CIA is involved and that type of activity right
    • So what they do is they're very subtle it's extremely subtle its covert but it's real and that's the important thing to remember
    • {{ 911: Francis Stonor Saunders: "Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters" // "Who paid the Piper?: CIA and the Cultural Cold War"
    • If the CIA can pay for 1,800 if you could read the WikiLeaks this morning to influence 1,800 books, it's always through a friend of a friend through a well-known literary agent calls and asks two or three of a friend
    • But it's always people that you're impressed by ... they're CEOs always that are trying to influence you
    • And you're they say well you should you should do a book about this guy who's an art collector
    • Let's call it the Art of being Leonard or you should do a book about this super-rich Syrian guy that owns these hospitals
    • Let's call it sirens of Syria or whatever
    • Now I'm not saying that's what happened with Jonathan Schafer
    • But I'm the reason why I kind of brought Jonathan into the picture, and I'll be right here to see if easier this morning in few minutes reason why I brought him into the picture was to just show how the people that are actually writing the screenplays, that are the screenwriters, don't actually know that they're potentially a part or being co-opted into a narrative and
    • So my point is in the same way the CIA uses influence and uses your inputs if they can control your inputs what goes in your eyes and your ears they control your outputs and your actions right?
    • Larry Larry Nichols said in all soft coups you control the media
    • You don't control the military, you control the media
    • So in the same way to counter that Counterintelligence is to preempt
    • I think I said this last night
    • YOu have to preempt that message with truth
    • And it can't be truth like, "oh here's my press release that I tagged from Associated Press versus their press release," because they're always going to win that validation game
    • What you have to do get the phone in your hand go to the location actually do the reporting
    • That trumps these press releases that the guy is a reporter for the Hoboken Gazette
    • He goes out, and he gets validated by AP
    • Now everyone starts quoting the AP story--the CIA's been doing this for years
    • The only difference is the CNN took the role of AP
    • So for the BuzzFeed peepee dossier, immediately two minutes after the PP dossier was out, you had CNN's say, "hey look at this," and then was ten different people commenting on that
    • So it'll turn not all the bad guys are guys
    • So we're going to turn to somebody who is the treasurer for the Clinton Foundation victory fund
    • The victory fund she's going to be involved with TENEO and she's going to be involved with a CGI, which is the Clinton Global Initiative
    • Which is if if unit eight in France wants to take money out of every ticket, when you fly to France, to fight AIDS in Africa
    • They don't need the Clinton Global Initiative to broker anything
    • They don't need CGI.
    • They just need to give it to the people who need it in Africa
    • There's plenty of NGOs that can be worked with
    • That was the whole idea of the Clinton Global Initiative--they inserted themselves in all of these donation deals
    • And they ended up keeping about thirty percent of the money
    • This bank--if somebody came forward and said, "well not really SEIU--they're really acting as a front. They're really acting as a front for the Saudis, theyre really acting as a front for the Saudis so it's not so bad.
    • Well and there's this guy I can't remember his name...Sheikh Masood...back in BCCI days--this goes back 30 years
    • "Oh they're just really acting as a front for the Saudis, so it's not as bad"
    • I think that's worse
    • I think that's worse that that a Union Bank--SEIU Bank, Amalgamated Bank--would act as a proxy for the Saudis
    • Not a good situation
    • You're going to have a lot of George Soros money today
    • Democracy Alliance: again another appendage of Amalgamated Bank
    • They're going to have them doing all kinds of Antifada or whatever--antifa
    • Today in New York protesting the presidency of Donald Trump--what's to protest? What has he done?
    • We nominated a billion dollar cabinet
    • So there's really not much to protest
    • They got everything they wanted
    • I mean Wilbur Ross was the one who bailed out our current deputy--our current Department of Commerce director Wilbur Ross bailed out Amalgamated Bank
    • Alright we're going to talk to Jonathan
    • We're going to try to get Jonathan to write the true story about Syria
    • And that's why I've been talking to Jonathan I'm going to actually use this as a use case, about how you can use truth to overcome CIA influence
  • Day 256.2. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. We've got de 256 part 2
    • And here we are back at the DNC phone booth
    • Of course we have our DCCC phone booth and they're connected together by a VPN in the same building on Ivy Street
    • So let's recreate the hack again, September 2015, I'm Adrian Hawkins
    • ADRIAN: hey you read a help desk over at GNC you're being hacked
    • TAMEEN: Hey scrunchie! How you doin' FBI. Let's say well let's say I ignore you for three months in a row. You make the same you've been hacked call three months in a row?
    • Click
    • But somewhere in there Adrian Hawkins tells Yarid Tameen you have one computer one you have one computer calling home
    • Like maybe Seth Rich's computer. Seth Rich's laptop calling home to 1222 Euclid Avenue, 1222 Euclid Avenue
    • Not first Avenue, because on my helping the NSA here do the trace, because the actual phoning home is actually going to happen every day every day
    • Every day the backup software that Seth installs on his laptop is going to be phoning home a certain time of day
    • Because see that Clinton's love to be able to say oops I did it again
    • Oops it was automated backup software that I didn't realize when I took I didn't realize when I took my laptop home, it automatically synced
    • Where have we heard this before?
    • We've heard this before with Huma with her blackberry
    • She didn't realize it was syncing with Anthony Weiner's laptop the 650 thousand emails
    • The Anthony's trusted staff the Awan brothers--they didn't realize when they sent these secure phones out to different senators and Congressmen with the laptops in their offices
    • They didn't realize that the syncing was happening the desktop syncing
    • Thank you very much James Comey and Andrew McCabe for proving me right on that blackberry syncing
    • Now we've got to know if Seth Rich had a blackberry--that would that would be very interesting
    • We don't even need that
    • YARID TAMEEN got the call from Adrian Hawkins, "hey you've got one one computer phoning phoning that's home home phoning home"
    • Like it wasn't to Russia, it wasn't to Colorado... it was to Washington DC...
    • You basically you have one worker who has their system configured, who has administrative rights to the NGP van software, phoning home on a daily basis
    • On a daily syncing it could even be more frequent than that
    • So I might have blown it in saying there were monthly moves to the NGP van software
    • It could be moot, it could have daily syncs, and he was sinking the whole NGP database to his laptop
    • That may be why--even though Seth Rich is not a Federal employee,
    • Even though he was killed in a simple robbery, we are told
    • That may be why they invaded his house at 1222 Euclid Avenue,
    • And that's why they seized his laptop
    • And that's why they seized his phone
    • And that's why those items are in Clarksburg West Virginia right now, in the FBI vault
    • And people say, "Oh Seth wasn't that technical"
    • He could always have his help from his brother, who's got top-secret clearance, he's an incredible programmer a hacker, who hacks for who else but Northrop Grumman, which is right across the street in Alexandria Virginia, from who?
    • CrowdStrike!
    • And Demetri Alperovitz
  • Day 256.3. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. It's Day 254 This is part 3
    • I'm here at beautiful Greely square
    • The reason why I was making fun of Yareed Tamin and FBI with Mr. Hawkins, Adrian Hawkins, because it's a school play.
    • And it throws you off from the real facts
    • The real facts and way to follow the case is do what Braverman said, "follow the money."
    • Follow the money you get it every time
    • Braverman leaves at the end of 2014-2015 is when the DNC email started
    • The seven people that are listed in the emails, are all financial people
    • The reason why is Braverman is pointing field FBI here in New York toward financial people
    • The people who internet analyzed original emails of the DNC are looking for transfers of information that support or take away from money transfers, from the DNC, to here in New York
    • The way it's done is I've explained through Amalgamated Bank
    • The account is going to be called a victory for Hillary fund
    • The person managing that is going to be Beth Jones
    • The person managing the DNC on the other end is going to be Andrew Tobias
    • That's who the two players are that are moving the money from the DNC to the victory for Hillary Fund in Brooklyn
    • Just that simple
    • The way it all starts is Braverman initially originally goes to the press in May
    • That's going to be the articles right after the New York Times story breaks about the private server
    • That's when the whole goose one story comes up goose is going to be a story it's going to be a diversion
    • Goose is not a hack
    • Goodse is an internal leak
    • Someone internal to the Clinton Foundation leaks the server
    • That's going to be Justin Cooper
    • The reason why is because Andrew Pagliano built that server
    • G: Bryan Pagliano sorry built that server
    • That's when they're first tipped off to Clinton email server
    • Goose didn't discover Clinton email and Clinton email server
    • Braverman then goes to the FBI field FBI here in New York in June of 2015
    • Now you're going to see all those articles come out about IRA Magaziner
    • Why?
    • Because IRA is taking that unit UNITAID money, money for a Africa
    • And he's taking half of it, the Clinton Global Initiative is taking a 50% cut, that's not getting to Africa
    • And on top of it, IRA Magaziner is bringing in generic drug makers that are quarter-weighting and half-weighting the drugs that are coming into Africa
    • That's why Braverman ghosts the FBI in New York, the FBI has their own agenda though in their investigation,
    • And they implant someone here--they have a informant here in Brooklyn, and uptown here, we're going to go in a minute
submitted by 911bodysnatchers322 to TruthLeaks [link] [comments]

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