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Ledger CTO requests suggestions to fix their product. Claims BCH is ‘fundamentally broken’.

EDIT2: I have seen a few comments and posts that make me believe that there is a fairly straightforward fix that can be implemented here.
u/btchip, you said you run your own servers to handle the fee calculations. Would you be willing to either connect to an external mining node running Bitcoin Unlimited or switch one of your non mining nodes to their software? They have indicated that their rpc response has been completely overhauled. I’ve also heard that they are discussing fees in the range of 10 bytes/satoshi.
Can anyone from Bitcoin unlimited comment?
I just had a fairly robust back and forth with u/btchip regarding the ongoing issues people (myself included) have been having with the ledger fee estimator and the low fee bug in the ledger software. u/btchip asserted several times that the issue is not with the ledger software but is related to an RPC call they are using to retrieve fee estimates from a set of non-mining Bitcoin ABC nodes they run for this purpose.
In the final message of our exchange u/btchip asks for ideas on how to fix this issue so I would like to ask the BCH community (devs in particular) how this is being done in other wallets. Clearly, the mempool data shows that many fee estimations are wildly higher than what they need to be so maybe there is some truth to what u/btchip says and maybe this is affecting other wallets. Can anyone offer some insight into this element of the code? How does the wallet do this same estimation? I always get a 1 or 2 satoshi/byte fee from them whereas I always see fee estimates of 50+ sat/b in the ledger software.
Is there any truth to what u/btchip says, and if so is anyone working on improving this element of any of the current bitcoin node clients? Can we point u/btchip towards a node software with a better implementation of that particular rpc call? I am not very knowledgeable in a lot of this so any help you can give to trying to resolve this would be much appreciated.
If you want to read the exchange the thread is here:
EDIT: thanks everyone for the discussion and thanks especially to u/btchip for taking the time to come here and discuss. Hopefully this can be resolved quickly so we can all get back to using our peer to peer electronic cash with super low fees and fast transaction times.
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