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This is a subreddit for discussion of forking Bitcoin to allow a free-market and consent-based approach to Bitcoin's / Bitcoin Cash's progress. In Bitcoin Cash we brought together like minded people - users, developers, miners - to carry on the experiment that is Bitcoin. We stand ready to fork again should it become necessary to protect Bitcoin to ensure the option of peer-to-peer electronic cash can survive and thrive.

Hammercoin: An epic adventure set in a post-apocalyptic, enemy filled wasteland

A sudden meteorite storm has wiped out every civilization as we know it, turning the planet into a great desert of sand and magma. The few humans that survived have gathered into small cities to fight against hordes of deadly creatures whom have emerged from the deep with the sole purpose of invade and conquer earth to steal its last resources. The only way for humans to survive is to explore. Welcome to Hammercoin.

Keyword Crypto Podcast- Can #Bitcoin Survive #Nano?

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Can Bitcoin survive quantum computing?

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Can bitcoin survive a (civilization) collapse?

Sorry for the anxiety inducing question but I would be interested to know your thoughts on what could happen for bitcoin in the event of a collapse (thought experiment). I mean trustless decentralization is good but the dependance on electricity and the need for a resilient network of computer is not to be taken for granted. Theoretically, could the bitcoin be 'forked' in 2 if two separate network islands were to form (think rupture of transatlantic network connection for example). Secondly, with rationning of electricity, one would think a 51% attack could be easier. Is there other weaknesses you have identified?What cryptocurrency would be the more resilient according to you?
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Can Bitcoin Survive the climate change revolution?

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Can Bitcoin Survive Quantum Computers? | Crypto Briefing

Quantum computers pose a serious threat to most modern cryptography.
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Can Bitcoin Survive "China Mining Pool Attack" Without ChainLocks?

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Can Bitcoin survive a nuclear war?

I view Bitcoin as the most secure, transparent, immutable, censorship resistant and global currency that has ever existed.
I will propose a scenario to discuss the limitations and usecases of Bitcoin in such a scenario. Its an extremely detailed outlook on my view of how the most likely and realistic scenario of a nuclear showdown would happen, that could happen at any point from today.
The main assumptions is that it's 2018-9; so any suggested technology must be available to use now. You can include things like LN, you may be asked if they have been successfully tested on the main net, but you will need to describe how the current limitations are overcome in your use case.
My scenario will provide the potential global events and the examination of their impacts. Please feel free to critique the liklihood or present your ideas.
It's November 2018\19 and the war in Syria is almost neutralised, the country is in tremendous dispair and disrepair. Syrians blame Israel for the whole ordeal, and civilians are vengeful. The Israeli President gets assassinated by a Syrian dual national on a state visit to Russia, sparking an international escalation involving Russia and the US. The Israeli government and Mossad confirm the identity of the assassin and place blame the Syrian regime for stoking the attack, but remain composed. Israel, launches a 'pre-emptive' strike on Syria, with some success, but allot is repealed, one f35 is shot down with Russian Air defense.
Escalation continues with the US pledging a nuclear powered, aircraft carrier and accompaning fleet off Israels Coast in aid. Russia also a-symmetrically increases presence in Syria, with submarines and anti air support.
Skirmishes between the two intensify, for a number of weeks, with no side willing to make a ground offensive. One month passes and foreign navies have arrived to provide support.
This causes the stalemate to escalate with the launch of prototype KH-47, from a Russian sub 260 miles away, sinking US neuclear aircraft carrier; causing the reactor to become unstable, contaminating the surrounding coastlines; Russian sub is also caught by Destroyer and severely damaged, political tensions increase to near full scale confrontations. Neighbouring countries try to protect their own interests, and protests happen globally.
Due to contamination in the Mediterranean Sea, international trade routes are sevearly effected, especially around the Suez.
In retaliation a saturated tactical semi neuclear tomahawk battery is launched into Syria, from US warships, aircraft, as well as Israel and Saudi Arabia. With 250 tomahawks deployed, as well 150 decoys (400 total), 10 are nuclear tipped. Of these Russian/Syrian air defences detonate 7 of the 10 Nuclear tomahawks in mid flight. War between major powers is officially declared. Emergency dialogue between world leaders ensues.
The three that hit their targets cause a sizeable amount of destruction similar to Hiroshima at each site. But added with the fallout of the 7 detonated mid flight, radiation levels in the area become dangerous. Fatalities from radiation poisoning across the entire Middle East start happening by February. And people seeking refuge head to the Turkish border or Greece by boat.
Fallout severely disrupts power and communications networks in the Middle East.
The global economy tanks. The only companies that do well are those producing munitions or military services. A run on the Bank ensues.
More contamination causes severe disruption and to all shipping trade in Mediterranean Sea at the Suez Canal. A global recession ensues. US and Israel places total Trade embargoes on Russia, Syria, Iran, China and their allies.
China responds by a naval blockade around Taiwan. Iran responds by launching a servo of nuclear ICBMs to Israel, but none hit their targets. Although repealed by Isreals iron dome, the amount of nuclear fallout caused by detonations leads to a large number of casualties, as well as over 10,000,000 tonnes of radioactive fallout, entering the jet stream. Combined with the previous fallout, the radioactive pollutive atmosphere is carried East by the Jet Stream crossing over India, China, Russia and even over the Pacific ocean where low levels of contamination can even be measured over within mainland US.
Global agricultural output of some countries is slashed by up to 75%, depending on the amount of contact with fallout. Some parts of the middle East are almost completely barren.
US retaliation over Taiwan blockade escalates to US and Japanese aerial and naval incursions to try and establish a supply line. China shoots down a jet, tensions increase.
EU and Nato launch a trade embargo on China, Russia and radioactive foods. China tipples defence spending, and increases military presence near Taiwan and at African naval bases. Internet passthrough to services in Nato are also cut off from the rest of the world. Majority of traffic too and from VPNs are identified and taken down, due to security concerns. Global Internet infrastructure becomes more and more localised. International communications becomes near impossible.
Israel tries to goad Syria into a ground offensive. Russia sends neuclear hypersonic nuclear missile battery in aid of Syria as well as Air defence systems, transported by air. Israel attempts to engage shipments and is successful on one occasion.
UNSC unilaterally calls for a cease fire, China vetos the bill.
A US, Japanese and South Korean naval detachment attempt to send provide support to Taiwan. A naval battle ensues. Due to Chinese support from the mainland, China repels attack.
Taiwan government reluctantly succeeds to Mainland China due to famine caused by naval blockade. US responds via nuclear tomahawk strike on Spratly islands in South China Sea. The majority of this attack is repled by Chinas HQ SAM systems, but now nuclear fallout has doubled.
China responds by sending troops to South Korean border, through North Korea. As well as a Naval detachment to the Spratly Islands off the coast of the Philippines.
But now the amount of nuclear fallout in the atmosphere has doubled. By February the sky looks more grey, and as less sunlight is able to penetrate the atmosphere. As a result global average temperature is up to 10 degrees lower than average.
Further UNSC meeting is called and countries draft a ceasefire plan. North Korea launches secret ground invasion of South Korea. Before a ceasefire could be ratified as they see this as the only opportunity they will have to unify Korea.
North Korea makes some headway, into the south. China retracts their support for North Korea, but keeps troops stationed within the country, the relationship deteriorates.
US and Japanese troops come to the aid of South Korea. And prevent further advancement of the North Korean army.
By July, its clear Global food levels are critically low. More than 40% of people globally will struggle to find more than one meal every day.
UNSC talks regarding ceasefire, resume. In return for ceasefire, China demands Taiwan, in exchange for the deposition of Kim Jong Un. UNSC agrees, and Chinese Army attacks North Korean Army from behind, and over throws the DPRK government. Russia and China place new government there. Russia demands respirations for loss in Syrian conflicts from US and Israel, and both reach settlement agreement.
China, US, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Israel and Syria, sign peace treaty, 20 months after the assassination of the Israeli President.
The global economy implodes, as people no longer have faith in the US Dollar. Food shortages, continue, and crop yield gets worse for the next 2 years. People are forced to try and grow their own food locally. With some success.
Cancer is the cause of 2/3 of all deaths globally and the average life expectancy falls by 5 years on average.
What role does Bitcoin play in this global scenario? Does it even have a role? What alternate currencies would be used?
Why would people use Bitcoin over say the Euro or Yuan for international trade?
And what about civilians, if communication\networks become localised, would people still use Bitcoin? And if so how would they connect to a global main net?
What parts of my scenario sound right? Which parts sound wrong?
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Can Bitcoin Survive "China Mining Pool Attack" Without ChainLocks?

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How can Bitcoin survive via hash voting and economic incentives if the world's economy is controlled and manipulated? November 15th scenario

Let's play a game for the purpose of this discussion and let's all put our tinfoil hats on. Create a folder in your mind named "possibilities" and play along, if you will.

Picture a world totally controlled by a mechanism called money that some private entities issue and manipulate. They dictate interest rates of central banks, orchestrate the economic crises, manipulate the money supply creating money out of thin air and use this air, among other things, for buying bonds and public debt and give a false sense of economic stability.

Picture an evil elite using this mechanism to buy out all the main governments, pharmaceutical companies, patent offices, education system and communication channels.
- Internet is born and frees communications, yet they do as much as possible to control ISPs, issue surveillance laws (the Five Eyes Alliance), control main media channels like Facebook and Twitter and ban dissenting opinions, and keep a firm grip on the population, giving people a false sense of freedom.

- One day Bitcoin is born. Years later, they manage to buy all the developpers under a single company and ban and smear all those who don't comply (even Gavin Andressen himself). Via shady measures like Segwit, they prevent miner voting and hijack the main representation of the Bitcoin project (BTC). Despite a successful centralization of the only tool that can free the world and make them lose their power, Mankind continues Bitcoin's open-source project (BCH), although it is only a minority chain due to media manipulation; unbeknownst to 99% of the population, when they learn about Bitcoin they believe it is their sabotaged project (BTC). They successfully handicap it and execute ridicule campaigns in mass media about its crash from 20k to 6k (which they might have also orchestrated via tools like Tether).

- The continuation of the Bitcoin project, although a minority chain, works as designed by Satoshi and keeps gaining traction and establishing itself as a working peer to peer decentralized economic system. They infiltrate the community's communication channels and manufacture dissent using sockpuppets. With the minority chain somewhat divided, the Bitcoin project has less chance of being globally adopted. Even so, they are aware sabotaging Bitcoin is easier the sooner, so they utilize false-authority characters to start trying to dictate the direction the project has to take (BSV). Could have even set up some of the characters themselves years ago (what if CSW was one of their infiltrators and had fooled Gavin with some information about Satoshi their intel had provided him for that specific purpose?).

- Aware of how Bitcoin works and their inability to hijack and sabotage the development of the project and the upgrades to its protocol this time (BCH), they begin using their money (backed by nothing, created out of thin air) to purchase computing power to now sabotage the project via hash rate come November 15th's hard fork.

Picture the following scenario come November 15th: they point a massive amount of hashpower to their controlled chain (BSV). The free people who want to continue Bitcoin's original project mine the other chain (BCH-BU/ABC/...). However, since they have unlimited paper money, theoretically could have unlimited hash power. Their attack could also be aided by BTC miners who would enjoy seeing BCH die. A great amount of hash power is pointed to both BCH chains from them so that:
- They control BSV
- There's so much hashpower in BCH-BU/ABC/... to the point of mining unprofitably unless its price pumps.

This causes people (Mankind, so to speak) who want to continue the Bitcoin project to have to mine at a loss due to the difficulty of the network (unless its price pumps greatly). How long can miners engage in this kind of war? Since the powers that be have unlimited fiat money, they can keep this operation going on forever, while people can't and would end up giving up. Big miners will not lose hundreds of thousands or millions of their own money in ideological wars - they are businesses after all.

In this world: How can Bitcoin survive?
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Can Bitcoin survive a large solar flare followed by a colossal coronal mass ejection?

July 2012 was the largest solar storm in history, it almost hit earth. They say if it hit the earth, it would have sent us back to the stone ages.
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Can Bitcoin Survive "China Mining Pool Attack" Without ChainLocks?

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Can Bitcoin Survive "China Mining Pool Attack" Without ChainLocks?

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Can Bitcoin Survive "China Mining Pool Attack" Without ChainLocks?

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Can Bitcoin Survive "China Mining Pool Attack" Without ChainLocks?

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Can Bitcoin Survive "China Mining Pool Attack" Without ChainLocks?

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Can Bitcoin Survive "China Mining Pool Attack" Without ChainLocks?

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Can Bitcoin Survive "China Mining Pool Attack" Without ChainLocks?

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Can Bitcoin Survive “China Mining Pool Attack” Without ChainLocks?

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Can Bitcoin Survive Quantum Computers?

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Can Bitcoin Survive a Difficulty Crash

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Can Bitcoin Survive a Difficulty Crash

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Can Bitcoin survive?

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can bitcoin survive? SURVIVING ONLY USING BITCOIN FOR 24 HOURS (Does it work ... Can Bitcoin Survive a Hard Fork? Xapo's Wences Casares on ... I Survived on Only Bitcoin for 24 Hours - YouTube Bitcoin Can It Survive A Black Swan - Price Collapse Risk Explained

Additions to “Can Bitcoin Survive Quantum Computers?” Note on “optional feature” in ETH upgrade: As long as it is an option, and not all coins are stored on a quantum resistant address, the blockchain can still be hacked through those vulnerable coins. This will affect the price and thus the users that stored their coins on quantum ... Can Bitcoin Survive. Posted on Author. 3 Apr 2019.. ethereum, ripple and, of course, bitcoin — that “there's no way that even a fraction of them can survive,” Mallouk, who is also author of “The 5. 30 Mar 2020. If environmental concerns are growing among impact-minded financial institutions, where does energy-intensive bitcoin fit in? Price Watch The crypto market has had a significant ... Can Bitcoin Survive the Climate Change Revolution? Read full article. Ian Allison. March 29, 2020, 11:00 PM · 8 mins read. Coronavirus might be the biggest story of the decade, but climate change ... Can Bitcoin Survive the Climate Change Revolution? Coronavirus might be the biggest story of the decade, but climate change will be the grand narrative of the century. Bitcoin might survive as a currency if it can find a way to make consumers and merchants better off. But its limited use so far suggests that the most compelling application -- as a way to pay ...

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can bitcoin survive?

Today I try to survive on only a Bitcoin for 24 hours. It might be harder than the penny challenge ironically. oh well. im a robot Watch another video http... * Hard Fork ETA -1 Days. Aug 2. * Bitcoin Cash Survival Challenge - 1/14. Can Bitcoin Cash survive until Aug 15? * Music playlists: "I think bitcoin is more robust because we cannot depend on Satoshi [Nakamoto, creator of bitcoin] to say, 'Hey, Satoshi, what do we do with the block size?'... Crypto trading is a crazy game, but a profitable one if done well. Here are some of my top tips to survive the markets! BYBIT $110 FREE BITCOIN WITH DEPOSIT ... Bitcoin is currency without banks, without paper, and without limits. It’s also seen by some as the currency of the future. But can you live on it now? To find out, I decided to try to get by ...